August 14, 2020

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Diamond In The Rough: Braelon Hobson

Braelon Hobson is a 6’2″ 243 pound Outside Linebacker out of Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is an explosive, thunderous player who hustles his hardest every play. His quick reactions cause him to get the upper hand quickly against his opponents. He is brutal when it’s time to take down his opponent. Hobson is very big on family and giving his all on the field every time while having fun. Not only is he a beast on the field, but he grinds hard in the classroom as well as he holds a 3.6 gpa.


At what age did you begin playing football and how did you get into the sport?

I started playing football on and off at around 10 years old. I was playing for a team called the Cardinals. My dad wanted me to get into sports because I was tall, and he wanted me to see if I would have fun doing it. I immediately had fun with it because I was pretty good. Coaches and other parents around me told me that I had talent and to keep playing I’m going to see what I could do. After that, I just kept playing in middle and high school.

How do you think coaches and teammates would describe you as a player?

My teammates would describe me as a guy who keeps pushing and keeps trying to bring the team forward. Coaches will look at me as a guy who has to lead the team and will always put his all on the field.

What advice would you give to younger players who want to play high school football one day?

I would tell younger players that they have to have fun with it. Sometimes you may feel down or out of it after practice, but you have to keep pushing. If you know there’s a possibility that you can get to college through football, just make sure that you have fun with it. 

Outside of sports, do you have any hobbies?

Most of my hobbies just include playing video games or helping the family out.  I love to spend time with my grandparents.

What do you do in your offseason?

During the offseason, I go to camps. I train as much as possible to be in top shape for when the season comes back. I also make sure the guys and my teammates are ready to go during the offseason as well.

What are some pregame activities that your team does?

Once we get out of class, we exercise and move around a little to make sure we’re not too tired from school. We eat and go over film. We check out what we’ll be doing beforehand. It’s basically just going through the motions until it’s time for gametime.

What would you say motivates you the most?

I would say my parents motivate me a lot. What really keeps me going is that I have the ability to put my best foot forward on the field. The sport also motivates me to get all of my emotions out. Enjoying time on the field with your teammates while your family is watching you is the most fun. 

What’s the most challenging thing about your position?

I would say the most challenging thing is sometimes communication. My position is really reactive to what the offense is doing the entire game. The offense has to make sure they communicate with us about what they’re about to do.

What are some things you feel you can improve on for the upcoming season?

I would like to improve my speed even though I can still do everything I need to do on the field.  I can pick up where anyone on the team left off and keep the ball rolling, but I definitely need to up my speed.

Have you thought about a college major?
I would love to major in Forensics Biochemistry!