June 3, 2020

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Diamond In the Rough: Brandon Williams, Newman High School

Brandon Williams is a junior at Newman High School, located in New Orleans, LA. Brandon has the ability to play multiple positions on the field.  Brandon is originally from a country in Southeast Asia called Brunel Darussalam. There he was a big rugby fan and that was all he was interested in. When he was 9 years old his interest in football sparked, from playing his version of Madden on his game system. In the back of his mind, football was always something that he wanted to try and he figured once he moved back to the US, he would give it a go. Brandon started playing football when he was 11 years old. When he started playing football he found that it was a little challenging trying to learn everything, but eventually he picked things up. Brandon has become a very confident and high motored player. He enjoys learning more about football and because of this, he is able to pick up on different concepts and skills very quickly.

Brandon is a 6’3,  220 pound defensive end for the Greenies, and even though he hasn’t been playing the game of football that long he has managed to learn the game very quickly. Brandon’s biggest inspirations are his parents. Both of his parents are 1stgeneration college students and have worked hard for everything that they have. Nothing was ever handed to them, and because of their backgrounds they believe in hard work and dedication. These beliefs are what they have instilled in Brandon, and it shows the type of person and athlete he has become.

Brandon believes that his coaches would say that is a very hard working person and he is very versatile. Brandon is able to play more than just one position, and because of his ability to grasp things easily he is able to learn different positions and the roles that they come with. When asked what he loved the most about football Brandon said, “I love the physicality of the game!’ Brandon also enjoys the competition of the game, he says that football is something that people really enjoy down South, and that energy is what makes the atmosphere so good to be around. Football has taught Brandon resilience, determination and disciplined when it comes to never giving up on what one actually want to do in life.

Brandon has a few goals that he has set for himself for next season. His sophomore year he broke the career sack record at Newman, but next year he wants to go after the single sack record and break even more records. Another one of his goals is to become a state champion. Brandon is a very competitive student as well, he works hard in the classroom and manages to maintain a 2.9-3.0 GPA range. Newman High school is very challenging academically, and they compete nationally throughout the year. Brandon believes that Newman is preparing him for college and with all the work that he is doing he will be fully prepared for the next level. School and football are equally important in Brandon’s life and as he gets closer and closer to college he hopes to be able to continue his football career as a collegiate athlete. Williams is looking to study in the area of business and medicine.