February 24, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: CJ Thibodeaux

CJ Thibodeaux is a 5’11” 225lb four-star running back from Norte Dame High School in Crowley, Louisiana. Thibodeaux runs a 4.55 in the 40-yard dash, his shuttle time is 4.43, has a 32” vertical, can bench 355, squat 540, deadlifts 670 and can run 55 in the 400 meter dash. Thibodeaux finished his junior year with about 850 rushing yards. Thibodeaux has a rating of a 7/10 in height, 10/10 in weight, 8/10 in speed, 8/10 in agility, 8/10 in strength, 7/10 in hands, and 10/10 in vision.

HUDL Link: https://www.hudl.com/profile/7028235/CJ-Thibodeaux


When did you become introduced to the game of football?

I started playing football when I was around seven or eight years old. I started playing peewee and flag football when I was in the 3rd grade. So I have been playing football ever since I started.

What are somethings that football has taught you?

Football has taught me how to learn from my mistakes.

How would you describe your style of play?

I am a power back with some speed.

Who are some of your biggest motivators?

Christian McCaffrey is one of my biggest motivators because of how he plays, where he came from, and the type of person he is.

What made you decide to be a running back?

I started playing running back in 8th grade and my coach at Norte Dame saw how well I run the football so I have stuck with it ever since.

Are there any football players you try to model yourself after?

Leonard Fournette is someone I try to model my style of play from.

Do you play any other sports or have any hobbies?

I run track and workout.

What is your greatest strength on the football field?

My greatest strengths are my mindset before every game and my strength.

What is a part of your game that you are trying to improve?

I am trying to improve my speed and quickness; I want it to be next level.

What are your goals for your senior year?

I want to go back to state and win it; also I want to get offers.