February 24, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Corey Wren

Corey Wren is a 5’10” 180lbs five-star all-metro and all-district junior running back from John Curtis Christian High School in River Ridge, Louisiana with blazing speed running a 4.31. Wren is the 5th best running back in the state of Louisiana for his 2020 class. Wren has a rating of a 10/10 in speed, 10/10 in agility, 7/10 in strength, 10/10 in hands, 10/10 in footwork, and a 10/10 in ball carrier vision.


When did you become introduced to the game of football?

I started playing football when I was six years old. I started playing football at King Grant located on the West Bank and I am still playing with a few guys I started with.

What are somethings that football has taught you?

Being mentally tough, understanding that everything in life may not go your way but you have to keep working especially being at John Curtis, I’ve learned to show up and just work.

What kind of football player are you?

I try my best not to put myself in a category. I’ll say I consider myself a deep threat; I will have my best success in a spread offense and in a situation were I am one on one with a guy.

What is the best game you have ever played in so far?

The state Championship game with my teammates was an overall great game, in all aspects we dominate on offense, defense and special teams.

Are there any other hobbies you enjoy besides football or do you play any other sports?

I consider myself a homebody person especially being a two-sport athlete. I rarely have time to go out.

What made you decide to be a running back?

My position coach (Coach Kyle) has played a big role in my position at running back. I love playing wide receiver and plan to play it in college but for now I enjoy being coached by Coach Kyle at running back.

Are there any football players you try to model yourself after?

Tyreek Hill is a big reason why I love playing both running back and wide receiver, especially knowing he played both positions at Oklahoma State.

What is your greatest strength on the football field?

My speed, I love being in the open field, taking angles away from defenders, and making guys miss.

What is an area of your game that you are constantly working on?

I’ve always felt there’s room for improvement in my game especially with my routes. I plan to work with the wide receiver group a lot during spring football.

What are your goals for your senior year?

To come out victorious with my team again winning the schools 28th state championship and just playing to the best of my abilities to help my team anyway I can to reach that goal.