January 23, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: D’Ante Gallashaw

D’Ante Gallashaw is 4* running back out of Leesville High School. Gallashaw stands at 5’11 and 190lbs, with a bench press of 285, and a squat of 465. D’Ante possesses great speed, with an incredible amount of strength to compliment his quickness. Along with Gallashaw’s effectiveness on the ground, D’Ante is equally dangerous through the air as a receiving back. Along with being an outstanding athlete, D’ante is a role-model student-athlete who excels in the classroom, maintaining a 3.3 GPA. Outside of football, D’Ante is a multi-sport athlete as a member of his high school’s track team as well as being a powerlifter. D’Ante is also a member of Jobs For American Graduates and is extremely active in his community.


How long have you been playing football? What got you interested in the sport?

I started playing when I was 10 years old. My mother is the one put me into it and was extremely supportive when I began playing. What got me interested initially was the physicality of the game, I loved that.

Have you always played RB? Other positions?

I was always very fast and powerful so I started off playing running-back, but I also played quarterback when I was younger. While at quarterback i was used a lot in the run game and it was always something I thrived at. 

How would you describe yourself as a running back? What is your style of play?

I’d describe myself as extremely well balanced, quick and powerful. I am not the type of back to tip-toe in the backfield. I look for a lane and charge forward, looking for yard after contact.

What NFL or College back do you see yourself in terms of playstyle?

Adrian Peterson, for sure. He’s extremely powerful and not afraid of contact. I see a lot of myself in AP.

Do you have a favorite type of play? 

It’s called Gut. Its essentially a HB Dive and the play call really showcases my patience, no tiptoeing, and since YAC is my strongest quality, it is the perfect play call to feature my skill sets.

What is the most underrated quality you possess as a back?

I am an excellent receiving back with great hands. I think that versatility is a great quality to possess as a RB. Pair that with how strong I am, with my speed that allows me to always get the edge. 

If not RB, what position would you be interested in playing?

On defense I’d like to play corner because my father played corner in college at NSU. He always instilled in me the importance of being a versatile athlete, and also having knowledge on both sides of the ball. 

Are you involved in any other sports?

At my high school I run track and I am also on the powerlifting team. Last year I went to State for both track and powerlifting, where I placed 2nd in relay for track and 5th in powerlifting. 

Do you have a favorite part of practice? Gametime?

For practice, I love using that as an opportunity to get myself into the right mindset and I really enjoy our warm ups. I actually love practice because I can keep the tempo high, which carries over into the game. I love our consistency during gametime. We never keep our heads down, and are always looking to redeem ourselves and keep improving.

Are there any personal and team goals for this season that you and the team want to accomplish?

As a team, we just want to keep improving year to year. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done in the past, we’re only focused on this year and what we can do to be the best team we can be. Personally, I’d like to just continue to improve from last year. Statistically, my goal is to rush for 2,000 yards while continuing to get better as an athlete. 

Is there a game you remember that sticks out as your favorite?

Last year in the quarter finals. We were down 2 touchdowns with around 1:30 left in the game.We kicked 2 consecutive onside kicks and recovered both to inevitably go on and win the game.

What is the importance of football to you and how it has positively impacted your life?

Football has been extremely beneficial in building my mental and physical toughness. Football has taught me to take things seriously and has helped formed unforgettable bonds with my teammates. My team is my family.

Who is your biggest role model in football?

My stepfather. He’s always been there for me throughout my entire life. He’s been pivotal in setting an example for me and developing me into a great young man.

Once in college, is there an intended major you would like to pursue?

I would love to get into electrical engineering.

Where do you see yourself in the future in regards to the sport?

Obviously the ultimate goal is to make a career as a player, but if not and I have a son, I would love to be there for him as a coach. 

Do you have any hobbies outside of football? Are there anyways you get involved in the community?

Because I am a powerlifter, I love working out. In the community I am involved with an organization called JAG. (Jobs for American Graduates). It’s a business club where we help out individuals with things such as getting jobs and acquiring their degree.