June 3, 2020

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Diamond In the Rough: Dartravien Girod

In just the second grade, Dartravien Girod found his passion for the game of football. Dartravien is 6’0, 178 pound Wide Receiver at Breaux Bridge High School, located in Breaux Bridge, LA. Not only is Dartravien a strong athlete, he is also full of speed with a 4.4 40 time. He is in his Junior year of high school, and not only is Dartravien very passionate about the sport but he also loves to work hard and be aggressive on the field. He is inspired by his uncle who has also played football, his uncle taught him the game and kept him encouraged. During his freshman year in high school, Dartravien started varsity and received player of the game once that year. Although Dartravien is only a Junior he still believes that football something that is going to bring him success in the future. Besides football, he played multiple other sports like; baseball, soccer and basketball. All in all football was just the better sport for him. Dartravien is a very aggressive players and he loves the contact of the sport.

Dartravien has had a great season so far with 700 yards rushing and 12 TDs, which he believes can be a lot better once he continues to focus on the goals that he has set for himself.  He is a great athlete on the field and his coaches say he loves to have fun and enjoy things with his teammates. He always the one that likes to stay positive. Even though Dartravien loves to have fun, he knows that there is a time and place for everything and he shows that at practice. He believes that when you work hard you get what you deserve. One thing that Dartravien loves the most about football is the rush he gets from scoring a TD. He loves the atmosphere and the excitement from the crowd and his teammates, majority of what he does on the field is to benefit him and his team. Deon sanders is Girod’s favorite professional player, the energy and ambition that he brings to the game is something that Girod tries to match at every game.

Off the field Dartravien is always looking to help others, he has a humbled spirit and he shows that every day when he comes into contact with others. In the classroom Dartravien loves to help others, he is a good student and loves to focus on his grades. His coaches stress to him and his teammates how important an education is. He has a 3.0 GPA and last semester he was on the honor roll. Once he gets to college he plans on majoring in Engineering, but he would like to go and play professional football. Dartravien has already set some goals for his senior season and plans on pushing himself to meet those goals. He wants to reach 1000 rushing yards and get more than 20 TDs for the season.  Going into his senior year, he wants to make sure that he keeps the same energy from this season. Remaining healthy, and strong is key next year for his success.