June 1, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Ethan Bagwell

Ethan Bagwell is a running back at East Ascension High School. One of the first questions I had for Bagwell was how he felt football has improved his academics. His response was, “Overall, it makes me a better man. It gives me a sense of discipline”. Football is about being able to have a sense of discipline. His ability to utilize that discipline both on and off the field is impressive. 

I next asked him what mental tool he employs during stressful situations on the field. He replied, “I try to relax and breathe, and I say a small prayer”. Staying calm in situations on the field is more beneficial than some people think. 

The one word he used to describe himself is outgoing. He further elaborated on this statement by saying, “I just talk to a lot of people. I’m just a friendly  guy and I enjoy being cool with others”. Having a positive attitude such as being outgoing and wanting to interact with all sorts of people is a nice addition to any team. This is a desirable attribute to keeping the morale up which is essential for any team.

My next question for Bagwell was what he thought he could bring to the next level. He answered, “Leadership and my ability to run the ball”. Bagwell also believes one of his greatest strengths is his ability to run the ball up the middle and hitting the hole. “I’m also pretty quick and fast; and, I believe I have pretty good awareness”. As the interview continued, I asked him what he felt  his biggest weaknesses were and he replied, “Once I get in the open field, I’m not sure what to do”. He went on to explain that he’s not sure when to drive through a guy or when to try to avoid and get around him. 

My last question for Bagwell was whether he would rather be a part of the rebuilding process or the rewards process of a team. He answered that he would like to be part of the rebuilding process. I asked him why he would choose that aspect and he stated, “I like being the underdog. I enjoy coming up from nothing”. 

Bagwell is a player who is willing to grind to see success. Having a guy who is willing to work hard, grind when its tough, and be perseverant are all quality traits for a player to possess.