July 23, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Gage Rapp

Gage Rapp is a 5’11, 180-pound receiver from Sulphur High School. Academics are an essential component for playing any sport for any school. Gage believes football has helped him stay on top of academics throughout his career. Gage knows that if he underperforms in the classroom, he will have little chance of playing on the field. Dependable is a word Gage would use to describe himself.

Gage is that “go to guy” a coach needs in tough situations. As our interview progressed, he expressed to me that he is a hard worker. His hard work mentality is an attribute he believes he can take to a college program. “I’m not a lazy guy. There’s always work to be done”. A guy who is willing to work hard to perfect his craft is a great asset to any team. Gage would like to be part of the rebuilding process. Gage says, “I like starting something new. I like being that force of change for something better”. Building the foundation is never easy.

However, watching your team achieve greater things after you leave is a satisfying feeling knowing you started that change. Hands, speed, and route running are elements that Gage sees as being his greatest strengths. On the other side of things, Gage believes that his height can hold him back. I asked him how he compensates for his lack of height and he replied, “My ability, I’m a pretty athletic guy”. Lastly, I asked Gage to describe a time when he had to make a quick decision during a game. He replied, “The defense was in man coverage. I was able to get past my guy, and I dove to make the catch”. A player who is willing to go out and get the ball is an offensive coordinator’s dream. Gage is a dependable receiver who knows what he good at and knows how to compensate for his lack of height.