April 9, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: George Hart III

George Hart III is a class of 2021 running back from Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, LA. Hart stands at six foot even and weighs in at a bruising 202 pounds. Hart, who split time with a very crowded senior backfield, looks ready to emerge as the next leader for the Bears. As a junior Hart had 400 yards and eight touchdowns on 54 rushing attempts. He also had five receptions for 40 yards, but the versatility of this young man does not stop at just rushing and receiving. Hart also notched a touchdown pass for the Bears in his junior campaign. George has not only proven himself on the field but also in the classroom where he is currently maintaining a 3.4 GPA.

When did you start playing football, around what age?

Around the first grade, I remember getting into playing flag football. Then around third grade I started playing more tackle football. Then from there I just kept playing it.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I played a couple, I played baseball and basketball. I started basketball a little earlier because it wasn’t a contact sport, I mean as much of a contact sport. But I’ve been playing all of them since about the same age.

For football did you always play running back or did you play any other positions?

I actually played a little bit of quarterback when I was younger. I started playing running back around third grade when we were allowed to hit more.

What was your third grade league that you played in? Was it a local rec league or something the school did?

It was a league for St. Jude the middle school. It was a Catholic league for St. Jude, St George, Aloysius all those types of schools.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Really my mom and my dad. In terms of my dad who helps me workout, watching film and breaking down a game, he’s pretty smart with it. My mom, she’s always helping me keep up with my diet and with my homework. She’s always making sure I’m doing the right thing and not getting off track.

Going back to this previous season, what were some of your personal goals and what were some of your goals as a team?

As a team goal, just to win that first game and just win the next game. That’s always the ultimate goal but we try not to look that far ahead. We want to just take it one game at a time. My personal goal was to perform when I got the ball. I knew I was going to be a role player this year with three or four seniors in the backfield, so when I got my reps I just had to show everybody what I could do.

Now that those seniors are gone, how do look to improve on those goals?

Knowing that all those guys are gone I’m going to have to step into a bigger role, so just working on more versatility type stuff. Now work on my footwork a little bit more, tweaking some things that I know I should be working on, knowing the role I am stepping into.

Knowing that Catholic has always produced great running backs like Warrick Dunn, Derrius (Guice), and Clyde (Edwards-Helaire) and even more recently Joshua Parker, Braelen Morgan, and L.C. Benjamin does that kind of motivate you and put a chip on your shoulder to continue that legacy?

Going into next season of course I want to play college football, but to get to that goal I got to keep working. It does put a little chip on my shoulder, because I want to be at that next level. I want to have my name up there with those guys that came ahead of me.

Right now, who is your favorite NFL player?

For the running back position, probably Josh Jacobs. Just because he’s really versatile at what he does, and I just like his running style. He can run inside, and outside, he can catch out of the backfield, make somebody miss in space. I just like the way he plays.

What motivates you the most?  

Just trying to be better every day. Trying to repeat the goal that we couldn’t finish last year. Not come up short again, keep grinding every day, and try to win it.

On game day on a scale of 1-10 what is your ideal performance number?

A 10! I feel like I strive to be at a 10 every game and perform at my best. I feel like I’ve prepared well through the week taking care of my body, studying film on my opponent. I feel like I’m at a ten every time I play.

At the end of this coming season, what would you want your coaches and teammates to say about you?

That off the field, I was a good person, a hard worker. That I wanted the best for my teammates. That I could goof around, but when work had to be done I was serious because I was a hard worker, and a team player.

If you weren’t playing football, what sport would you be playing?

Probably basketball, I play basketball a good bit.