April 22, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Jacob Sylvia, Pineville High School

Jacob Sylvia is a senior wide receiver at Pineville High School. Born and raised in Pineville, Louisiana, Jacob began playing football at 10 years old on the Red River football team. While he started as a running back, in his later years he discovered that he was even more gifted at the wide receiver position. Despite a knee injury, he finished his junior season with 23 catches for 266 yards with 4 touchdowns. Jacob hopes that he can use his speed to help his team towards the State title. When he’s not one hand catching footballs, he can be found sliding into home base on the Varsity baseball team. After college, he aspires to be an orthopedic surgeon in order to help athletes recover from injuries.

How have you improved since your first year of high school?

When I first started playing football in high school I was very slow. Over time, I got faster on my feet and quicker with my hands.

What would your coaches say about you?

My coaches often compliment me saying that I run the best routes and am one of the best players that they have coached. I don’t speak on it often because I remain humble, but it truly is one of the biggest compliments I could receive. My ability to get along with everyone and ability to lift people up when they are down are my best attributes.

Who inspires you?

GOD first, My Parents and Coach Dennis Dunn. GOD keeps me grounded and gives me purpose. My Parents and Coach Dunn help keep me on GOD’s path, teach me good values and teamwork. Also self-worth. They make me feel worthy of every dream I have.

How are you involved in your community?

Each week, a different position group goes to one of our local nursing homes and sits with the elderly and just keeps them company. We have all grown to love and have a strong relationship with them.

What makes you different? What can you offer to a collegiate football team?

I don’t give up. I don’t give up on myself, my team or Coaches. I have their backs on and off the field in every aspect of life. If someone needs my help outside of football, I’m there. That’s what GOD wants me to do. My Parents and Coach Dennis Dunn taught me that. I believe that I have a unique height and frame for my position. It makes me standout being so tall and having good hands. My coaches can always rely on me to get the first down and everyone compliments me for being able to consistently make one-handed catches.

What has playing football taught you about yourself as a player and a person?

It has taught me patience. Be patient and practice hard. You don’t win a Championship or make it to the NFL overnight. I’ve learned to rely on others. Without that block, you can’t score. I’ve found that I’ve learned to not play using my mind and play with Heart. We practice 5 days a week so we don’t have to think on Friday night. The game is second nature by then. I’ve learned that if I play with Heart I perform to the best of my ability. When I play using my mind I think too much and I become my worst enemy.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 170

Bench: 275

Squat: 360

Clean: 225

40 yd Dash: 4.6

Shuttle: 4.0

Hudl Link: https://www.hudl.com/profile/6464822/Jacob-Sylvia