May 31, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Jacobian Guillory

Jacobian Guillory is a 6’3 320lbs 5 star junior defensive tackle/nose guard from Alexandria High School in Alexandria, Louisiana. Guillory can bench 370, squat 700 and deadlift 625. Guillory is also a nationally recognized powerlifter and a two time state champion. Guillory already has offers from LSU, Alabama, ULL, Miss State, Ole Miss, TCU, Texas, and Texas A&M.


How long have you been playing football and what do you love about football?

I have been playing football since the 7th grade. I love the competition, getting better as a teammate and a person.

What kind of football player are you?

I am the kind of football player that is someone that is looked up too by my teammates as a leader of the team.

Who are your biggest motivators?

My parents are my biggest motivators; even though my mother passed away she is still my motivation along with my father.

Are there any other hobbies you enjoy besides football?

I enjoy chilling with my friends so that we can stay out of trouble.

What are you trying to focus on in the offseason?

I am focusing on dropping my weight so that I can get quicker off the ball.

What is greatest strength on the football field?

My physical strength and pass rushing skills have been my greatest strength on the football field, because I use my bull rush technique to get pressure on the quarterback and cause havoc in the trenches.

What are your goals for your senior year?

My goals for my senior year are to win a state championship and get better as a team.