August 3, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Johmel Jolla Jr.

Johmel Jolla Jr is 3-star LB from Dutchtown High School and has grown up in Baton Rouge, LA. He is a one of a kind player as he loves the game of football and is constantly looking to give back to the community and those around him. His speed and passion for the game have attracted college coaches near and far and his ability to see/read the ball on the field is not questioned. Johmel has been able to overcome adversities in his life which has inspired his game play as he not only plays for himself but his team and the children at St. Jude. He is looking to accomplish big goals his senior year and will be someone to keep your eyes on this season.


When did you start playing football and what made you love the game?


“I started playing football when I was 9 and I have been around the game since I was young. Everyone in my family played and I have cousins playing college ball now so like I said I have just always been around the game.”


Who is your biggest influence in football?


“It used to be Ray Lewis but not I would say it is Devin White.”


What is your biggest motivation in football?


“My goal is to make it as far as I can and play for the kids at St. Jude because when I was 5 years old I had cancer.  So you know, I just always do it for the kids at St. Jude.”


How was that experience effected or inspired your game?


“It honestly just makes me grateful to have the opportunity to continue to play the game because I know there is a lot of kids wishing they could be in my shoes but they are not.”


What goals have you set for yourself and your team this season?


“For myself, my goal is to be an All-State, All- Conference, All-District and really an All-American linebacker this year. For my team, I really want us to have as much success as we can and hopefully that ends with a ring.”


What is your style of play?


“I would say aggressive, fast football. I give 110% on every play and I think that is what sets me apart from other kids that have talent on the field.”


How would your coaches describe you describe?


“If you are asking me what I think they would say, I think it would be that I give 110 and I am always around the ball making big plays.”


How has your recruiting process been like?


“It has been going great, you know I have been getting a lot of looks and have three offers right now but I am just waiting to see what else this year brings me because I have been working on a lot of things to try and improve my game this year.”


What would be your advice to younger kids looking to be a successful player like yourself?


“I would tell them to keep their faith in God and to keep working hard.”


Do you have any hobbies outside of football?


“Yeah, I like to cut hair. I have been cutting hair on the side for like a year now since I have always been around it with my daddy being a master barber.”


With college approaching, have you thought about a college major yet?


“Yeah, I want to major in nursing. You know being at St. Jude I have seen some kids that really have been impacted by their nurses. I had some really great nurses when I was younger and I really just want to give back and give them my time.”