June 1, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: John Daigle, Welsh High School

John Daigle is a defensive end from Welsh High School in Welsh, LA. John has violent hands to create disruption and excels in block shedding as he makes tackles all over the field. He had 147 tackles last season to go along with 5 sacks and 7 forced fumbles. He has an aggressive style to his game and never takes a play off. He gets good jumps off the ball and keeps his pads low on contact. Going into his senior year and coming off a state championship win, John is looking to repeat in 2018 and be an experienced vocal leader for the team. Expecting another big year for Daigle and the Welsh Greyhounds.


Rating: Size |6| Strength |7| Speed |6| Technique |7| Hands |7|       Overall |6.6|


Checkout his highlight film:




Height: 6’2

Weight: 245

Bench: 350

Squat: 500

Clean: 285

40 Time: 4.8

GPA: 4.0

ACT: 24


When did you start playing football?

When I was about 8 years old I started playing tackle football. It was awesome I got to play with all my friends. We would hang out and just play football all the time.


What do love about football?

I love how 11 people come together as one. The team aspect of it. I love how you get to play the game for 4 quarters and nothing else matters you get to just go hard.


Growing up did you play any other sports?

I ran and threw in track during junior high and now I just throw for high school. I got first place in district for discuss and shot put.


Who could you credit to your success in football?

I would have to say my parents. Ever since I was little they would give me a ball to play with and coach me up. They got me into the game and that’s why I love football.


What drives you to be your best day in and day out?

I love the game. I don’t want to stop playing after high school. I want to get more DI offers and continue my dreams of playing at the next level.


What would you consider your strengths?

As defensive end I feel like as soon as the snap starts I get extension and can read what play either pass/run quickly.


How do you feel your season went for you?

I could have done better. But for our team we did the best we could do. We won state championship in Welch school history. So we accomplished our goals as a team. When we played Kinder we were in a 3rd and long and they tried to run a swoop on my side and I ended up getting a key stop. Another key moment for me was in the semifinal game against Many, they scored a TD and had tried to go for 2 and I stopped them from doing so and killed their momentum.


What area of your game you looking to improve on this offseason?

I’ve been working on getting a faster get off. So, I’ve been trying to improve my pass rush skills the most.


Have you gone to any camps?

UL, Northwestern and Tulane. I did H back at Tulane which is a new position for me and I got a lot of coaching for that position. At the northwestern St camp Defensive line coach was helping me to get lower and get quicker. I ended up getting an offer from Northwestern. It felt amazing to receive that offer. I plan to go McNeese and ULM.


What are your expectations for next season?

My expectations are to go back to the dome with my team and repeat. I just want to go out there with my team and leave it all on the field every Friday night.


What would college coaches be most impressed with you about?

I feel like I’m a very coachable. If I did something wrong and the coaches tell me to fix it, I will change it for the next time. I watch a lot of film and see what I did wrong and what I can get better.


What would you like to major in while in college?

I want to get a degree in exercise science and then move on to physical therapy.