May 29, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Jonero Scott

Jonero Scott is a 5’10” 180lbs four-star 2nd team all-district junior running back from Woodlawn High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Scott finished his junior year with 708 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns. Scott was rated a 7/10 in speed, 8/10 in agility, and 10/10 in vision.

How long have you been playing football and what do you love about football?

I have been playing football since I was five years old. I just love running the ball, hitting people, and I just love the game of football it is the best game in the world.

What are some life lessons you have learned from playing football?

I have learned that cant win all of them but you can learn from each loss.

What kind of football player are you?

I am a emotional football player because I like to get my teammates hyped up and ready to play.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Ezekiel Elliot is not only my biggest influence he is also the kind of running back that I try to model my game after because I like the way he carries himself and I like the way he runs the football. I have been watching Zeke since he was at Ohio State.

Do you play any other sports or have any hobbies?

I run track and I powerlift for my school. In track I run the 100 meters and the 110-meter hurdle.

What made you decide to play running back?

I like to run the ball, I like the contact, and I like to make plays in the open field. Like Ezekiel Elliott says “FeedMe”.

What is your greatest strength on the football field?

My greatest strength is being able to make the first man miss.

What is a part of your game that you are trying to improve?

I am trying to improve my speed and balance. The reason why is because I have lost my balance a few times and I need to get faster.

What are your goals for your senior year?

My goals for my senior year is to rush for 2,000 yards, break the school rushing record and touchdown record. I also want to make 1st team all-district and 1st team all state.