July 12, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Kendrell Williams

Kendrell Williams is a class of 2021 running back from Carencro High School in Lafayette, La. The 6’1 210 pound athlete quickly draws comparison to another running back from Louisiana, Leonard Fournette. As a junior Williams rushed for over 1900 yards and had more than 25 rushing touchdowns. The 2021 recruit is not only an accomplished running back, but also excels in track and field and holds several Louisiana state records in the 400, the 4×100, the 4×200, and the 4×400. Williams is an explosive player, and has been clocked with 4.5 forty speed. That speed coupled with his agility and elusiveness give him the ability to make defenders miss in a phone booth. Williams tells me he has a 455 pound squat, 315 pound bench, and 275 pound power clean. He currently has a 3.2 GPA and an 18 ACT.


When did you start playing football?

I was six playing flag football. When I was seven and eight I started playing with the nine and ten year olds. I was the hardest hitter on the team, because I used to play with my older brother Kordell Williams. He’s at McNeese now, and he was a hard hitter. I always wanted to hit hard like him, so I wanted to prove myself and play with the bigger boys and show everyone that I could be like Kordell. At the rec center everyone knew Kordell.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I ran AAU track growing up. I think I started that around the same time I started playing flag football. But I also played recreation basketball too. But that’s really it, I didn’t do too much besides that. I stopped doing AAU track around 15 because that’s when I got more involved in high school football.

Do you still run track for your high school though?

Yes sir, I have a state championship in the 400 and two state championships in the 200. As soon as I stepped on campus we started winning championships.

Did you play any other positions other than running back?

When I played flag, I was running back, tight end, linebacker, safety, and corner. I played everywhere, I was usually the biggest and most athletic on the field. When coaches would pick their teams, they used to fuss over me.

Going back to last season, tell me some of the goals that you wanted to achieve.

Last season, I wanted to lead my team further than we got before. I wanted to have a good leadership personality, if we were losing by a touchdown or two I wanted to be that guy that lifted everyone up. Keeping everyone’s head on straight. Going back to my freshman year, every time we would get down by a touchdown everyone would just want to give up and quit. I don’t want to be that type of person, I know we are better than that. As long as we pick our heads up, we can be more hyped on the sidelines and celebrate and be able to win a game because we have that momentum. I feel like if we have that and having fans in their seats, and if we keep our yards up, we will succeed more.

Going back to motivating your team do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

Attitude is a known thing. Attitude is something that you are never going to lose in your life. You can’t win a game with a negative attitude. Good coaches, coach, good recruiters recruit. There is the good, the bad, and the ugly. The ugly is the attitude, the bad is the attitude, and the good is the attitude. That’s what a lot of recruiters look at the attitude. You could be the next Michael Vick, and with a bad attitude you’re not going anywhere.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Honestly, the will to win, is one of my biggest influences. Then family is another big influence for me. Also, I do like the attraction. I like to get noticed. But I always put the will to win, and my family before getting noticed. As long as I have the will to win and my family behind me, everything else is going to come.

Who is your favorite NFL player?

I like Leonard Fournette, because a lot of people have compared me to him and I’m basically the same size as he was in high school. He came out of high school at around 215 and I’m right around there. I’m fast, and when I need to cut, I cut. He is also one of my biggest influences at the running back positions. That’s my dude, Leonard Fournette.

On a scale of 1-10 what would be your ideal game day performance number?

I would say if we’re winning the game, I think a 6. But if you were the outstanding player on the field, about an 8 or 9. But if you’re winning every game and you’re always the outstanding player of the game. I would have to give it a 10. Because if you are really winning like this and performing, then clearly you are one of the main parts of the program. Not just talented, but part of the attitude, and the discipline, that it takes to being a great athlete. So I would say a 10.

At the end of this year, what would you want your teammates and coaches to say about you?

First off I would want my coaches to say that I have the best attitude. The best positive attitude and positive influence on the team. I would want them to say that I was a great athlete. Of course I would like them to say that I helped them win a championship, but that can’t happen if I don’t have a positive attitude. Best workout, the best enthusiasm, I want them to say all that.

If you weren’t playing football what sport do you think you would be playing?

I think I would be running track or probably playing basketball. I think I would be a good basketball player if I focused on basketball how I focused on football.