January 23, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Kenean Caldwell

Kenean Caldwell is a 6’3 305lbs 4 star junior 1st team all district, 1st team Louisiana sports writers all state, and 1st team all-northeast defensive tackle from Oak Grove High School in Oak Grove, Louisiana. Caldwell finished his junior campaign with 47 tackles, 30 tackles for loss, 8 sacks, and 2 passes tipped at the line. Caldwell can bench 295 and squat 530.

How long have you been playing football and what do you love about football?

I have been playing football since the 6th grade and what I love about the game of football is that it has given me lessons in life that are beneficial.

What kind of football player are you?

I am a very coachable football player that will always play to the best of my abilities.

Who are your biggest motivators?

My parents and my grandmother are my biggest motivators on and off the field.

Are there any other hobbies you enjoy besides football?

I enjoy playing video games and I enjoy fishing.

What made you decide to play on the d-line?

I have been playing on the defensive line since I started playing football and since then I love playing on the line and causing havoc for opposing offenses.

What is the one area that you think you exceled at this year?

I really excelled at taking on blocks especially double teams and rushing the passer. I also got better at using my hands more in general improving my technique.

What are your goals for your senior year?

My goals for my senior year is to break the school record for most sacks in a game and to win the state championship.