June 1, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Kyle Parker

Kyle Parker is a 5’11, 198 lbs. linebacker from Brusly High School. He was rated a 10/10 on skill, and another 10/10 on vision as well. I first asked Parker how participating in athletics have helped him become a better student. He replied that athletics help him with “paying attention to the little things”. A linebacker has to be able to take notice of the little things in order to be able to read the offense accurately. Parker takes this attention to detail that he learned on the field and he is able to apply it to other areas of his life such as the classroom.

I then asked Parker to describe himself using one word and his response was, “I’m consistent”. He further elaborated on his statement by saying, “I’m a leader in the weight room”. For any linebacker, the weight room needs to be his best friend. Leadership skills in the weight room are necessary for any sort of success for any linebacker. 

Additionally, Parker also believes his football IQ would be an asset to a college program. Parker went on to explain how he can read different offenses. This ability allows him to know where to position himself on the field to make a big impact. Just out of curiosity, I asked him what he thought the easiest and hardest offensive plays were to read and he told me “The spread and the wing t”, respectively.

 Lastly, I asked Parker what aspect of the game he thought he needed to work on and he replied, “I need to speak up when something is going wrong (within the team).” Being a leader is never an easy task when situations like this come about; but, Parker knows what areas he needs to address within himself and is willing to work to improve his skills.