August 3, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Lamon Lewis

Lamon Lewis is a 3-star linebacker out of St. James High School who benches 300 lbs and squats 465 lbs. He finished with a 3.0 GPA and All-District award as a linebacker in his 2018 season. Lamon’s hard work and vision make him a threat to all his opponents in addition to his passion for the game of football. He always makes an effort to keep his team focused and on the same page in order to see results on the field. Lamon stands tall at 6 feet and weighs 215 pounds but still receives a 10/10 rating in his footwork. On top of his recognition in football, many may know him for his volunteer in the community as he helps clean up trash around St. James and Lutcher. Keep your eyes out for Lamon Lewis this season!


When did you start playing football and what made you stick with it all these years?

“I started playing football when I was six years old and I think I stuck with it because all of my uncles and the other men around me played. That always made me interested because I wanted to be like them.”


Do you have any role models in college or the NFL?

“I look up to Devin White and Deon Jones Jr. because they are both linebackers like me and I just love the way they play football.”


What is your biggest motivation in football?

“My biggest motivation in playing is really to get a scholarship and help get my mama out of the situation we are in.”


What has football taught you?

“Football has taught me a lot about manhood and staying away from the streets to be honest with you.”



Have you always been a linebacker?

“I actually used to play running back my eighth grade year when one of my coaches left that year and I ended at linebacker with my new coach after that and been there ever since.”



What are your goals this season? What steps are you taking to try and achieve your goals?

“My goal this season is to be a team captain and win a district and state championship. I would say just working hard every day and taking everything on one at a time.”


Do you have other hobbies outside of football?

“I do powerlifting. My coach told me about it and I actually went to state for it and finished fourth overall in my weight class last year. Powerlifting is good because it really helps with my core strength for football as well.”


What sets you apart from other athletes?

“I just try and run to the ball every play you know it is not always about making a big hit every play but a secure tackle each play. I am bigger than most kids and I am aggressive so I like punching the ball out so I think that makes me different.”


What have you worked on in the off season?

“I have worked on my speed and really maintaining my weight.”


What advice would you give to young athletes looking up to you?

“I would say just keep working and don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot do anything in life and always try your best.”



If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

“Courage, strength, and intelligence are my words because I think they describe me perfectly.”