April 8, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Lewis Moore

Lewis Moore is a 3 star Offensive Lineman out of Lakeside High School (Sibley, LA). Moore stands at 6’0 215 lbs with a bench of 325, squat of 420 and scored a 23 on his ACT. Moore excels at both inside and perimeter blocking, with his main position on the line at Center. Along with offensive line, Moore is a dual-position athlete also capable of playing at the DE position. Moore currently has offers from McPherson College, Defiance College, and Anderson University. Lewis is a current player in the 2019 Louisiana Gridiron Football All-Star game, which takes place at 5pm on Dec. 28th at Louisiana College in Pineville, LA.

When did you begin playing football and what got you into the sport?

I started when I was in 7th grade for my middle-school’s football team and immediately grew a liking to it. I grew up watching football on TV and has been a lifelong dream of mine to play. 

What specifically about the sport do you love and appreciate most?

Just the overall physicality of the sport in general. I’ve always thought of myself as a really strong player, and football allows you to go out there against other competition to help validate that personal strength I know I possess. 

Is there any player in football, past or present, that you have always admired?

For me its Ray Lewis. He always epitomized what a good leader should be and love of the game and heart is something that can’t be matched.

Do you have any hobbies outside of football that you enjoy in your free time?

I really enjoy lifting weights and fishing. It’s a really relaxing way of helping with stress and the mental and physical fatigue from practice. 

Are there any other sports that you play outside of football?

I plan on throwing discus this year for my school’s track & field team, and I’m also on my school’s wrestling team.

Do you believe a sport like wrestling has taught you anything about football or has aided you in any way?

Definitely. With wrestling, it’s a great way to learn how to use your body and weight in finding proper angles that I believe translates really well into O-Line play.  

What has been playing football and being part of a team meant to you throughout your life?

You see these people that you’re around everyday out on the field working hard and forming these “never quit” attitudes. It’s an incredibly valuable life lesson and the bonds you form with your teammates is something that will last a lifetime. 

What is your all time favorite memory from your high school playing career?

This year we won our first ever playoff game in school history against North Caddo, who are our bitter rivals. They were ranked 3rd while we were ranked 30th and we ended up beating those guys 33-28. Its something I’ll never forget. 

Lastly, what is some advice you would like to share with other young football players that you have learned throughout your playing career?

Never give up on the sport, even when things get tough the perseverance you show will go along way. For me, I’ve always said of the importance to simply just be the best as I can at what I do.