October 29, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Luke Cordle

Luke Cordle is a class of 2021 cornerback, receiver, and quarterback out of Porter High School in Porter, Texas. Luke stands at 6 ft. 180 lbs with a bench of 265, a squat of 415, and an extremely impressive 4.36 40 yard dash. Cordle is a multi-talent athlete, achieving 2nd Team All-District at the corner position, and also receiving honors in Academic All-District. Cordle is a play-maker through and through. In his Junior campaign Luke recorded: three interceptions, six pass break ups, a pick six, two touchdowns as a receiver, and returned a kickoff for a touchdown. Cordle’s incredible speed makes it extremely difficult for opposing receivers to create separation, while his quickness can also be utilized to flip the field and score on a whim. Outside of the football field, Luke thrives in the classroom as well, maintaining a 3.1 overall GPA.

At what age did you begin to play football? What made you decide to get into the sport?

 I played one year of little league when I was 10, after that I didn’t play until middle school.

 What was the first thing about football that stood out to you and made it clear you would be passionate about the sport? 

When I played my first year of football I didn’t really like it, but I didn’t give up just on that one season. When I was in 7th grade it stood out to me in a tremendous way to make me just love the sport. 

 What is your favorite part about playing the game of football? What did it teach you at a young age? 

My favorite reason to play football is the brotherhood that you create with your teammates. Football taught me at a young age that if you can play football that you can do anything, because if you don’t work hard for this sport then you won’t be able to be successful in this hard working game. 

 Describe yourself as a player. How would your coaches and teammates describe you as a player?

 I am definitely a vocal leader on this team. I am a team player and I play every play like it is my last. My teammates and coaches would say the same thing about me if asked.

Do you have a certain thing that motivates you when you are playing, practicing, or just working on your game?

 My mom definitely motivates me a lot, but the thing that motivates me the most was losing my best friend when I was 14. Ever since his passing I have worked so hard to show him that I am doing it all for him, because I know he is watching me from above. 

 Do you have a favorite memory of the sport? Any moment that sticks out in your mind as a player? 

My favorite memory was this year when we played a rival school. It was my favorite memory because I ran back a 96 yard kickoff return for a touchdown to start the game and I had 2 interceptions and 1 receiving touchdown. We won 42-14 over Kingwood Park High School. 

 With the COVID-19 lockdowns, what steps have you been taking as an athlete to be ready for the upcoming season? 

I work out 5 days a week to make sure I stay in shape and I make sure I eat good meals to maintain my weight so I don’t get too skinny. But most importantly, I MUST have a good night’s rest and try not to stay up too late. 

 What are some of the biggest challenges of having to train and practice individually due to the lockdowns? 

Finding a place to do outdoor workouts is definitely the hardest. I couldn’t just go to my high school and do agility drills because they would kick us off the fields. 

Is there a player, past or present, college or professional, that you look up to most and model your game after? 

I would have to say Deion, most definitely. He has that swag and that athleticism that you can’t really talk down on because he would say cocky things and then put them into existence due to the way he played. That’s how I model my game. 

 Describe your skill sets at your position, what sets you apart from other players at your position? 

Most definitely my speed, I feel like if you are faster than everybody no one can catch you, you can get to the ball carrier faster, and you can cover extremely well due to your speed. 

 Do you play any other positions on your team? Or is there any position you believe you would thrive at if given the chance?

 I play cornerback, wide receiver, and quarterback. I feel like if I got put at quarterback I would thrive at that. Being a quarterback, it is honestly a mind game you are playing. Every great quarterback you watch is their thought process which makes them great. I feel like I have the same mindset and creativity to be a great quarterback. 

 Do you have any hobbies outside of school and football that you enjoy doing? Why do you enjoy these so much? Do these hobbies translate onto the field in any way?

 I play video games when I get bored, but I’m not sure if that translates to the football field in any way. 

Are there any pre game rituals or superstitions that you have? 

On game day I drink a full gallon of water during the school day so I don’t cramp, and I also pray before the game a couple times.

What do you believe are some of the biggest challenges or moments of adversity that you must overcome as a player? Whether it be in a game, practice, or anything involving the sport. 

Taking care of your body during the season, getting enough sleep, and eating right. If you don’t do those things you are going to have a long day at practice or during a game. You won’t be able to focus, you will get fatigued very quickly. 

 During game time, what play, or moment gets you most excited as a player? 

Listening to the National Anthem and right on kick off, hearing the crowd and the band is just another type of feeling that you get that it’s a lifelong feeling

Finally, what are some personal goals you have set for yourself for the season? Also, what are some goals that the team has set to hope to get accomplished during the 2020 season? 

My personal goal for this season is to be the best teammate I can possibly be. If I do that then I did my job as a leader on the team. Our team goal is to win a district championship for the first time ever at our school, and go far into the playoffs.