May 29, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Luke Lunsford

Luke Lunsford is a 6’3” 200lbs four-star 1st team all-parish and 2nd team all district junior quarterback from Denham Springs High School in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Lunsford is 7th ranked quarterback in the state of Louisiana. Lunsford finished his junior year with 2,747 passing yards, 47 passing touchdowns, and six rushing touchdowns. Lunsford was rated an 8/10 in height, 8/10 in weight, 8/10 in strength, and 10/10 in quarterback vision.

When did you become introduced to the game of football?

My grandfather first introduced me to game of football when I was young. My grandfather used to play football at LSU in 1958 and he also coached at LSU. He is the reason why I really wanted to play football. My grandfather is also my biggest influence.

What are somethings that football has taught you?

Football has taught how to have discipline and have a hard work ethic. Football has also taught me how to be a better man.

How would you describe your style of play?

My style of play is wide open, I try to go fast and spread it out all over the field.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

My grandfather, Drew Brees and Jared Goff are my biggest influences.

What made you decide to play quarterback?

Ever since my coaches decided to play me at quarterback when I was really young. I have loved the position ever since.

Which quarterback do you compare yourself to?

I try to model my style of play to Aaron Rodgers because he is a baller.

Are there any other hobbies you enjoy besides football or do you play any other sports?

I enjoy fishing and playing basketball with my friends.

What is an area of your game that you are constantly working on?

I am trying to improve my accuracy and consistency.

What are your goals for your senior year?

My goals are really team goals. I am trying to win a state championship because that would be awesome for Denham Springs and I believe we are the team that can do it.