April 9, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Marquis Dangerfield

Marquis Dangerfield is a 3 star DE out of Alexandria Senior High in Alexandria, LA. Dangerfield stands at 6’0 225lbs with a bench of 225, squat of 485, and runs a 4.7 40 – yard dash. Dangerfield is an aggressive lineman, who’s speed makes him excellent at outside edge rushing. Marquis is great at the hybrid position as well as a standup DE with the capabilities of dropping back into zone coverage in the passing game. As a versatile athlete, Dangerfield possesses the ability to give opponents nightmares on offense, while maintaining both a high football IQ and all the required physical attributes to compliment it. Marquis is a current roster member of the 2019 Louisiana Gridiron Football Game, which takes place today, 5pm Dec. 28th at Louisiana College in Pineville, LA.

Talk to me a little about when you got started in football and what made you stick around the sport.

I began playing around 8 years old. Growing up watching football, I always took an interest in the sport, so I decided I’d like to give it a try. What I immediately grew to love was how football allowed me to take out any pent up aggression I may have had in a safe and structured way. From a young age, the sport taught me valuable lessons in how important it is to fight for what I truly want.

What specifically about football, and the current All-Star game experience have you grown to appreciate the most?

First off, I love the physicality of the sport and the contact that it allows. With football, and especially with the LGF All-Star Game, it provides you with a unique opportunity to meet new people and form bonds you otherwise wouldn’t have in life. Football is very much a team sport, and that team building exercise helps you in the long run of life. 

Do you have a favorite memory from your playing career?

This year against Ruston for sure. They were up by a score late in the fourth and our defense needed to put the team on our backs and come up with a stop if we were to win. On a 3rd and short play, I stripped the ball but the refs ended up calling the ball carrier down. On the very next play, I ended up forcing a fumble by jarring the ball loose with one of our guys recovering. Our offense was able to then march down the field , capitalize off of the turnover and win the game for us. 

Describe to me your style of play and what what you are most proficient at.

I’m very fast and have great quickness off of the ball off the edge. I’d consider myself well balanced in both the running and passing game, but feel I excell most as a pass rusher. 

Are there any role models in the game that you have grown to admire the most?

The first two are Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead. Both of those guys are so extremely quick off the ball and I just love that. The last is Cam Jordan. I love his journey and career he’s had, slowly climbing the ladder of the sport and becoming one of the best in the league. All of those guys serve as great inspiration to me. 

What are some things you do outside of football?

Mainly I work. My goal is to earn money for college, but I know the importance of work throughout life because playing football is not a forever sport. There comes a day when everyone has to put up there pads for good, so I know the importance of the workforce and all that entails. 

Do you have any hobbies or other sports you enjoy playing?

In highschool I’m a member of the powerlifting team, throw the javelin for track & field, and was in my high school’s band.

What would you tell a coach or recruiter to separate yourself from the pack of current high school athletes?

I think a lot of people play this sport with the mindset to go out and make a name for themselves while seeking glory. I’ve never subscribed to that belief. My main motivation and concern is, and will always be, the team. My team’s success will always be of more importance to my own. Along with that, I think I possess an extremely high level of football intelligence. 

Lastly, do you have any pregame traditions or superstitions that you subscribe to?

This may sound funny but I always have to wear the same brand of underwear on for a game and I have to have my sleeves out. In fact, one game I remember I didn’t do those things and ended up playing bad, so I guess you can say I’m superstitious about that.