December 6, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Mikel Scott

Mikel Scott is a 4 star Offensive Tackle out of George Washington Carver High School out of New Orleans, LA. Scott stands at 6’4 315 lbs with a 320 lb bench and a squat of 500 lbs. Along with his impressive physical attributes, Scott is a great student in the classroom, maintaining a 3.5 GPA. Mikel Scott is a highly touted athlete, being awarded many awards and honors over the course of his high school career. His accolades include: 2 time All-District 10-4A Left Tackle, 11-4A Runner Up in District Power Rankings, NUC 5 Star Showcase OL MVP (2019), VTO Showcase OL MVP (2019), Gold Medal winner in VTO All-American Showcase as a National Lineman Team Champion, NUC Top Prospect Camp Overall MVP (Atlanta, GA 2019) and member of the 2019 Louisiana Gridiron Football All-Star Game.

Around what age did begin playing football and what stood out the most about the game?

I began playing when I was about 7 or 8 years old. The thrill of the game stood out immediately and it created a drive inside me to want to keep playing. 

What about football do you love the most and how did it your original interest in the sport begin?

Even as a young kid I was always tough and physical. The sport allows that extreme contact and physicality and I knew it was right for me. I began to get an interest from watching the NFL on Sundays. Watching those guys compete at the highest level and seeing how talented they were was really inspiring. 

Who is your favorite player to watch on Sundays?

I always thought playing defense is a lot of fun and love to watch Cam Jordan from the Saints. His aggressiveness and on the field presence is amazing and it’s hard to not love that guy. 

How would you describe yourself as a lineman? Are you better as a run blocker or in pass protection?

I like to think of myself as being extremely balanced. I believe and know I’m equally effective when run blocking or when dropping back and protecting my quarterback in pass protection.

Is there anything that you have been working extra hard on this year in your senior season?

I’ve really been focusing on becoming a team leader and all the responsibilities that come with that. I have to make sure that my teammates are always learning, working hard, and making sure that I keep them focused and in check. 

What about football do you believe comes most naturally to you? What about something that you have had to keep working on?

I’ve never had a problem with readiness and motivation. It’s never something that has been an issue for me whether in practice or for gametime. I think the thing that I, and most athletes, should always be focused on improving their communication. It’s really important to be a helpful teammate and communication is something that can always be improved on, no matter what level of play.

Are you involved in any other sports besides football?

I play both basketball and track & field. In basketball I was a District 10-4A champion. In track & field I won the Most Outstanding Field Performer (District 10-4A), District 10-4A Champion in the shot put, and placed 3rd in discus.

What do you do before a big game to get yourself ready and prepared?

I’m really big on having personal time. I think that it’s a good way to reflect and work on everything you’ve prepared for leading up to the game. 

As a player in the 2019 Louisiana Gridiron Football All-Star Game, what are you looking forward to the most from this opportunity?

Getting all that exposure is really a great and humbling opportunity. It’s a chance for me to show others how hard I’ve been working my entire life. I’m definitely prepared for this moment. What I’m most excited about is the opportunity to go up against the best high school football players in the state of Louisiana. I’m ready to put my skills to the test against the best.

What is something that football has taught you personally, whether about life or anything else you would like to share?

My coaches taught me the importance of being coachable. That isn’t just something with sports but with life. It’s a mindset that shows you’re always willing to learn and take criticism. 

Finally, what are your goals after high school?

My main goal is to go to college to get an education. I’d love to get my degree in PT and eventually start my own business one day.

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