June 1, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Nick Hilliard

Nick Hilliard is 6’2” 288 lbs. offensive lineman for Ascension Catholic High School in Donaldsonville, LA. Nick benches 375, squats 545, and runs a 5.3 second 40-yard dash. Louisiana Gridiron Football has Nick rated as a 4-star recruit. Nick currently has offers from Colorado, Kansas and Tulane, among other schools.


How long have you been playing football and what got you started playing?

I started playing in 5th grade. It was something I always wanted to do, and once we were able to play through the school I really started to think about it. I went out for practice and I haven’t stopped since.


What has football taught you about life?

Football has taught me that in life you can’t only rely on yourself for things. Sometimes you have lean on other people to help you through whatever situation you’re going through. I think football can teach you a lot of life lessons about leadership and having character and responsibility, holding yourself accountable for your mistakes, and also helping others get to a new level.


Where do you see football taking you?

I see football taking me to college to get a good degree and find a good job after that, but if I’m able and blessed enough to go past college to the NFL I would love to play my dream sport and have the experience of a lifetime.


What is the strong point of your game?

I think one of the things that really sets me apart is my effort level. I may not always be the biggest, fastest and strongest, but I’m willing to give 100% every play. I’m not going to take a play off. In the 4th quarter, when the other team is tired, bruised and battered, I’m going to be the same way showing the 100% effort I’ve been showing since the first quarter.


What will you bring to a college program that sets you apart from other recruits?

Off the field, I bring a sense of leadership and accountability. I hold people to a higher standard because I know what people can do. Sometimes, it just takes a little push to get more out of people when they may not be able to access it themselves. Also, my energy and passion show. You’ll hear me yelling before games because, you know, I just get excited to play.


Is there a player at the college or professional level you compare your game to?

I’m going to throw it all the way back to Larry Allen. I like to run block and be physical, but I also have the agility that helps you contain quicker defenders and get up to the linebackers.


Who has been the biggest influence on you?

My parents. From an early age they raised me with the mindset of: “whatever you want to be, that’s what we will support you as.” They never limited me to anything. They always gave me the opportunity to try what I wanted to.