July 23, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Olonzo Jackson

Olonzo Jackson is a 6’0 165lbs senior all-district cornerback for West Feliciana High School in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Jackson runs a 4.49 in the 40-yard dash and can squat 315. Jackson ended the Louisiana Gridiron Football bowl game with a tackle and a pass breakup.


How long have you been playing football and what do you love about football?

I started playing football when I was five years old, when I started playing peewee football that’s when I realized I was good. One day my just said lets play football and ever since then I’ve loved football. Football has emotions, time, and work but it has a ton of rewards and it makes me happy.

What has football taught you about yourself as a person?

Football has taught me that if you work hard then you can get the results you want and it has showed me that I am a competitive person. Football brings out the best in me and I just feel natural when I’m playing football.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

My friends because we all grew up in a hard area, we push each other to try and do things that no one thinks we can do and also my family.

What are some of your accolades?

I made all-district cornerback with 4 interceptions and 49 tackles.

What made you decide to play defensive back?

I just love the position I just take pride in the position you have to be smart and there is a lot of technique in the position that you have to learn to perfect your craft and I just love competing against other dudes and shutting them down.

What did you think about the Louisiana Gridiron Football bowl game you played in recently?

I made a lot of friends, I met a lot of people on the field who can play they were very good. It was a very good college like experience.