October 21, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Rhett Guidry

Rhett Guidry is a 6’5 215 lb TE out of Dunham High School (Baton Rouge, LA). Guidry’s huge frame makes him a big over-the-top threat in the passing game, while also having the size and skillset to be utilized as a proficient blocker in the rushing attack. Guidry possesses exceptional ball skills, able to catch simple possession passes as well as having one handed catch ability. His speed and size makes him an excellent option as a threat in the seam and midfield passing. Outside of the field, Guidry is an extremely intelligent and hard-working young man in the classroom, scoring an ACT score of 29 and maintaining a GPA of 3.3

What made you interested in football and was there anything in particular that got you into the sport?

My dad played (Mickey Guidry) played quarterback at LSU in the 80’s so, needless to say, football has been a part of my life since birth. My dad was also my coach, and being a coach’s son is a great experience and allows you to appreciate the sport in a way that’s different from most athletes. Lots of private film sessions and knowledge sharing results from that.

What in particular is your favorite aspect of playing football?

From when I first started playing I realized how much fun the physicality of the sport is. It allows you to go out there and hit somebody play after play and it’s something I’ve always found exciting. I also really enjoy the mental strategies and concepts that the sport embodies. 

Is there anything that football has taught you as a person or something about the sport you cherish most?

I think the bond and relationships you form with the players around you is what I appreciate the most. You really start to look at these guys as a part of your family and its these memories that’ll last long after your playing career is over. If football has taught me anything then it is how to become a man and mold myself into a better person due to all of the adversity it forces a person to overcome.

Is there any athlete at your position, professional or in college, that you model yourself after?

I like to link my playstyle to Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys. He’s a huge TE who, like myself, is equally dangerous as a receiver as well as being a great run blocker. My sister was also a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader, so I’ve always felt a connection to that organization.

Is there a particular play call that you would consider your favorite?

We have a rail route we call that is definitely my favorite. It is always fun to get that one called due to the fact that is opens up the big play ability.

A lot of players have pre-game rituals or superstitions about football. Is there anything you do before every game to get prepared?

This may sound funny but before a game I always take a nap. For me, it is a great way to make sure I’m fresh and ready to go before we start. I also find it a great way to combat any mental fatigue I have before a game.

What are some personal goals you have set for yourself, and what have the seniors on your team set out to accomplish for this year?

As a senior I feel it’s important to make sure that everyone feels like they’re apart of the team. Whether they start or not it doesn’t matter, I want everyone to feel like they’re contributing. That would have to be my personal goal. For the team, our main focus is to win our district and make the playoffs. There’s a joke here at Dunham that we have a “2nd round curse” in the playoffs. We want to get over that hump and break the “curse.”

Who or what motivates you to play football?

Definitely my grandfather. He played as a lineman at LSU in the 60’s, and passed away before the 2016 season. It really motivates me to go out there, week in and week out and play, knowing that I’m making him proud.

Is there any other positions that interest you on either side of the ball that you would like to play?

Well I do play some QB and I also played defensive end and went All-District. A position I’d love to try is Safety. I love how physical that position is and how it allows you to run sideline to sideline to make those huge hits and big plays.

Finally, is there anything outside of football that you enjoy doing? Any hobbies?

I really love to go hunting and fishing. Its extremely relaxing and in some ways is like a form of meditation. It gives your body a good mental break and is an effective way to tune your focus.