August 3, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams is a 4-star wide receiver who attends Metairie Park Country Day High School. He is a New Orleans native with incredible speed and talent as he scores 10/10 in both his hands and footwork. Tyler is dedicated to his craft and helping his teammates as he is undoubtedly a leader on the field. He looks up to a member of his home team, the New Orleans Saints, Michael Thomas as inspiration and hopes to find success like him one day.


When did you start playing football and have you always been a receiver?


“I started playing football in sixth grade. I actually played running back in middle school and when I got to high school I switched to wide receiver.”



What do you feel made you successful and was your biggest asset as a receiver?


“I think coming into receiver in the ninth grade, my biggest asset was my speed and allusiveness off the line and my hands.”



What is a personal and team you have set this season?


“I would say for my team making it to the championship because we have not done that at Metairie Day yet so it would be a first time thing for the school. Personally, I would like to have twenty touchdowns or more this year since I had 14 last year.”



Being a senior, who do plan on being a leader and helping your team see success?


“When it comes to the younger guys it things like being willing to work with them after practice and working on team bonding on the weekend outside of practice.”



What is your motivation in football?


“I would say my love for football to start off with as well as my grandfather who has helped me play the game since I was little. I would not want to disappoint him but I really do just like and enjoy the game so yeah.”



How would you describe your style of play?


“I would say my style of play is a lot more aggressive than most receivers because I like contact which some don’t but I just enjoy it.”



What aspect of your game are you looking to improve this season?


“I am looking to improve my route running and my quickness off the catch. I am continuing to better my leadership as well because I know people are looking to me on my team even if I am younger than them.”



Do you have other hobbies outside of football?


“I like going to car shows with my grandfather on the weekends.”



Lastly, what would you say to younger players looking to be successful as you are?


“I would say never let your hopes get down just because others around seem like they are getting a lot of attention or success because you never know. when the spotlight will be turned and you and you receive an amazing opportunity. You just never know who is watching so keep working hard.”