July 3, 2020

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"Changing Lives, Improving Communities"

DITR: Jonathan Veal

Jonathan Veal is a 6 foot 325 pound offensive lineman for Brusly High School out of Brusly, Louisiana. With a 285 pound bench, 495 pound squat and a 405 pound deadlift, Veal is an absolute unit at the left guard and center position. Using his power and strength, Veal is able to take oncoming rushers with ease, effectively extending the passing game. Veal is also able to pancake defenders and clear wide-open running lanes for the offensive backfield. Veal’s swift explosion out of his three-point stance knocks defenders off-balance quickly and often. His combination of quickness and explosiveness makes him an anchor on any offensive line. His talent speaks for itself on the field. Off the field however, there is no shortage of extraordinary feats. As an active member of the Community Anti Drug Coalition of America and an assistant coach for the Westside Bulldogs, Veal has found his opportune outlet to give back to his community. I had the opportunity to meet with Jonathan and gain some perspective into his life. 

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