January 23, 2020

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East Ascension holds on to win over Warren Easton 42-41


In Friday’s matchup between East Ascension Spartans and the Warren Easton Eagles, both teams came ready to play. The non-conference game was between some of the best teams in the state, with both teams holding a 2-1 record coming into the game.

Warren Easton started with the ball and on a third and short a high snap ended the drive before it got started. After a bad punt Ascension had great field position at the Eagles 39-yard line, but they could not capitalize either and turned the ball over on downs. From early in the games the teams were physical, and it was getting chippy. The offenses from this point took over. By the end of the first quarter it was 15-7 in favor of Warren Easton. This game was the running game of Warren Easton versus the passing game of Ascension.

Early in the 2nd quarter, the Spartans set up an impressive drive, but at the Eagle 36 they have a fourth and 11. Instead of punting they go for it, and not only get a first down, but they score as well from a beautiful throw and catch. Making the score 14-15. Warren Easton responded with a touchdown of their own, set up by a 30-yard run to put them at the three-yard line, and capped off with an option keeper. On the extra point Ascension gets a good jump off the ball and block the kick, 21-14 Warren Easton. After a three-and-out from the Spartans, the Eagles look to expand their lead by two touchdowns. Instead on a pass, Ascension gets good pressure and forces a bad throw, that get intercepted by the Spartans giving them momentum. The next drive Ascension faces a fourth a and six and once again go for it, this time they fake a punt and get the first down. East Ascension came to play, and they score on a 30-yard touchdown immediately after to tie the game at 21-21 with three minutes left in the half.

Going into the half the Spartans had all the momentum, converting on two fourth downs and consistently having better field position gave them confidence. Keeping the shootout going Ascension scored on the opening drive of the half. Scoring in seven plays and only two plays gaining less than five yards, 28-21 Ascension. The Eagles get the ball and it is their turn for some risky plays, on 4th and two they go for it and get a 54-yard touchdown run to tie the game halfway into the third quarter. Easton gets a big defensive stop to get the ball back looking to take back the lead. On the first play of the drive they take the ball 68 yards to the house to go up 35-28. Things are looking good for Easton as they have the lead and Ascension is going to punt… the punt is muffed, and Ascension recovers the ball on the Eagles 28 yard-line. Ascension capitalizes on the Easton error and score to bring in the 4th quarter 35-35.

After the touchdown, the teams traded punts and turned it over on downs. Ascension then got an interception with 4 minutes left in the tie game. Ascension puts together a compact, effective drive to get to the Eagles 21 yard-line with 2 minutes left in the game on 4th down. After an Easton timeout to ice the kicker, Ascension lines up… IT IS A FAKE… the kicker tosses a gorgeous pass to score and take a 42-41 lead. It is put up time for the Eagles, with less than two minutes in the game they need to score. Easton gets down the field to the Spartans seven-yard line with 18 seconds left and zero timeouts remaining. They line up and snap the ball the receiver runs a beautiful fade and comes down with the ball. Easton then lines up FOR THE WIN, they are not playing for overtime. The Spartans defense comes up big and gets the stop on the biggest play in the game and to keep their lead. 41-42 Spartans.

This was a hard-fought game by both teams, it is a shame that one of these teams had to go home with a loss, they both played to win tonight.