October 19, 2019

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East Ascension Spartans Defeat McKinley High Panthers

Class of 2019 student-athlete Jaqunn Mitchell helped the East Ascension Spartans to gain a win over the McKinley High School Panthers. Mitchell is a senior wide receiver and cornerback. This past Friday Mitchell had a total of one kickoff return reception for a touchdown, one interception for a touchdown, along with two more interceptions. The talented athlete is an excellent performer on both offense and defense, showing to have exquisite ball handling skills and being able to read the field well.

On the opposing team, Richard Peck of McKinley High School showcased his versatility, having played wide receiver, defensive back, cornerback, and punt kicker. The class of 2019 athlete missed a game due to injury but did not allow that to affect his performance. Peck had an interception, as well as a return for close to 80 yards.

Against the EA Spartans, McKinley High School showed up with a valiant effort. From what spectators watched, it was a gruesome battle between two great teams. The East Ascension Spartans are 8-1 overall going into their tenth week. This Friday the team will compete against longstanding rival the St. Amant Gators. East Ascension was ranked eighth out of the fifty-one schools in the Class 5A, but after this great defeat, it is inevitable that the team will be closer to the playoffs and hopefully a state title.