January 22, 2020

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Edna Karr defeats Warren Easton 38-12!

Yesterday wasn’t your typical “Friday Night Lights” as Warren Easton took on Edna Karr at Pan American Stadium in New Orleans. The stands began filling up an hour prior to kick due to this highly-anticipated match- up since both teams are power houses in the crescent city.


The game started with aggressive runs and visibility of athleticism on both sides which came as no surprise. The Eagles came with a nice 20-yard run by A. Clayton (#2) which left them with a first down. A 40-yard run up the left side of the field came after and this results in the first points of the game by D. Holmes (#3). Warren Easton was eager to gain as big a lead as possible and went for the 2-point conversion but their attempt was unsuccessful. Number 1 of the Cougars carried the ball two plays in a row for a total of 10 yards but was stopped short on his second run by Easton’s D. Kennedy (#9). With 3 minutes left in the first quarter the Cougars were only 10-yards from the end zone but were stopped by the Eagles defense and failed to score on this possession. Clayton gave Easton another first down and ran for 36- yards and then went for approximately 45 yards. This was another touchdown for the Eagles but unfortunately this field goal was no good which they would feel later in the half. Karr’s quarterback appeared to be having some trouble as there was a few wild throws and then he experienced a huge sack as he was pushed to the backfield. On a later possession for the Cougars, there was a flag and the call of unsportsmanlike conduct against Warren Easton. This was needed as they were yards away from the end zone again and number 2 on Karr ran the ball in for their first touchdown of the game. They also opted for a 2-point conversion and it was good which left the score at 12-8, Easton. Number 2 for the Cougars ran the ball and put them on the Eagles 33- yard line and after that number 1 appeared again. He seemed to dance around Easton’s defense and this landed him another first down. #2 scored the second touchdown of the night for Edna Karr and this put them ahead (14-12). As I stated earlier, the Eagles inability to complete a good field goal and 2-point conversion earlier would put them behind. The Eagles went to punt the ball and the ball caught a bad bounce so the ball was touched early and J. Vance (#21) of Edna Karr returned the ball 19 with 56 seconds left in the half. That ended the first half of the game with the score being 14-12, Edna Karr.


The second half started off quite lively as a pass off the hands of an Easton player was caught by Vance who had just returned the ball at the end of the first half. Number 2 ran the ball for a first down just shy of a touchdown after this. Unfortunately, a call against the Cougars pushed them back to the 17-yard line with a first down but another flag on the very next play pushed them back another ten. This definitely left them a little troubled as the quarterback struggled to connect with his receivers. Then, R. Stevens (#19) on Easton’s defense snatched an attempted pass and ran for 10-yards but this did not end with a touchdown for the Eagles. The Cougars came back and made their way down the field with just over 6 minutes left in the quarter #12 scored making the lead just a bit bigger but the field goal was no good. There were short possessions in between but the Cougars saw a great carry by #5 that placed them deep in Eagles territory. The next play there was a huge hit by M. Stevenson (#43) of the Eagles that elicited a reaction from fans and coaches alike. That did not stop the Cougars as they followed with another touchdown by #3 but still failing to find success with their field goal attempt. The Eagles had A. Luke Jr. (#4) on the return and he finished his run on the Cougars 44-yard line to end the third quarter. Edna Karr was just a force to be reckoned with at this point because they charged down into Eagles territory with ease and then scored again. (#2) The score was now 32-12, Karr in the lead, and just under 9 minutes left in the game. The Cougars managed to score one more time with another 2-point conversion attempt that was no good. The Eagles continued to fight and push both offensively and defensively but were struggling to find their rhythm again and take the momentum of the game back. Luke did come in with a big return for the second time and put his team in Cougars territory yet again. Despite the Eagles efforts the game ended with Karr winning 38 to 12.


In the end, both teams played with a lot of heart and there was no denying the talent within each of their programs. The city of New Orleans loves football at all levels and this is evident not a single fan left due to the rain and the stands, walkways, etc. were filled to capacity until that clock hit zero. This time around Karr was able to find and hold the momentum once they got it and that is what helped them win this game. We will see if these two programs face each other again later in playoffs as they both seek to make it to state.