May 31, 2020

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Well, y’all know the sad story by now. The Saints are done for the season with perhaps one of the most shocking, no horrifying ends in NFL history. The Saints didn’t play well in the first half and things looked dismal, but they came back in the second half and with only seconds left to play it looked like the Saints were on the way to Philadelphia. With only about 10 seconds on the clock, the Vikings had the ball but would need a miracle to pull this one off, and as unlikely as it seemed they got it! “Are you kidding me!” I yelled with some superlatives I cannot print……

The Vikings only needed a field goal to win but were out of time and out of range. The Vikings reportedly left the  huddle with QB Keenum’s words  “I’m going to give somebody a chance.” Everyone held their breaths as Vikings QB Case Keenum launched an Aaron Rogers style hail Mary to Stefon Diggs. Diggs  was double covered by Saints Marcus Williams and Ken Crawley, so things looked good for the Saints. Suddenly Williams made the critical error of lowering his shoulder to hit Diggs but missed, instead striking teammate Ken Crawley knocking both Williams and Crawley to the ground allowing Diggs to run in for the winning touchdown….. @&*$% Williams! I thought, and I know a lot of you are still placing the entire blame on him as evident by some of the reported Twitter posts he has received.  Well after reflection I say give the kid a break! The loss was not entirely his fault folks. He did get a pick earlier in the game, remember? And frankly if the Saints had played the same in the first half as they did in the second, the one missed play wouldn’t  have been  a game loosing issue.

Football fans are some of the most emotional in the world but there is no place for threats and trash talk. It is embarrassing and an insult to the sport. I think Williams simply made a rookie mistake and has a great carrier ahead of him as he matures and gains experience.  Even though he has crushed my predictions of a Saints Superbowl, lets give him a break and look forward to what I believe  will be a great season next time around. The Saints have a young group of players that have already begun to work as a team, so next season should be an exciting one.

This is football. It is unpredictable and exciting. If it wasn’t we might not be fans. Besides you have to admit it would be great  if the Vikings are able to make it all the way and play in their new stadium. This would also be the first time a host stadiums team would actually play in the Superbowl!!!! Kinda of cool right?

Post Script: It’s true. Green Bay’s QB Aaron Rogers is officially dating Danica Patrick……..