February 28, 2020

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Madison Prep Dominates Takes their Second Division Win

There’s no better way to spend Friday nights than watching football. As I pulled into Baker high school, I saw fireworks strong off into the sky and was able to listen to a wonderful band. Friday is finally here

Madison Prep rode into town to play against the Baker Buffaloes, this was the 2nd district game for both teams, both teams winning their first district game. Coming into the game Madison prep was 4-1 and Baker was 2-2. Before the game kicked off, it was a rainy day down in Baker Louisiana, and the field was very slippery. The game started very defensive and the only prolonged drive in the first quarter led to a missed field goal. The first score of the game came in the second quarter when Baker had to punt from their own endzone, Madison blocked the punt and recovered it to go up 7-0. On Baker’s next drive was ended early with and interception that Madison returned to the Baker 20-yard line. Madison’s defense played well and forced Baker to go out of their comfort zone and pass the ball more from their usual I-formation run-heavy offense. Baker’s defense kept playing well, and held Madison to only a field goal, 10-0. Baker’s offense started to click and they put together a very good drive, on the scoring play they baited the defense in on a play action and threw it over the top. Baker attempted a two-point conversion but failed, 10-6. On the ensuing kick return, Madison takes it 75 yards to score and go up 17-6 with only a few minutes to go in the half. In this half, only nine total points were scored from the offense.

Madison came out of the gates ready to play in the 2nd half, they worked their way down the field in 1 minute and 15 seconds and threw a touchdown to go up 24-6. Less than 4 minutes later, Madison throws another touchdown pass, 31-6. Madison started to go up tempo and it seemed to take a toll on the Baker defense as they were able to move the ball up field at ease, which they were not able to do in the first half. Baker seemed to adapt to the defense and did not allow Madison to score more points in the third quarter. Madison’s defense kept clicking and continued to play well and did not allow any points in the third. The game at this point was over, Madison had exhibited dominance throughout the game, and showed that they were the better team. Baker turned the ball over, committed penalties throughout the game and dug themselves into a hole that they were not able to crawl out of. Early in the fourth Madison threw another touchdown to go up 38-6. Baker’s offense was finally able to put together a good drive and make the score 38-12 after missing the two-point conversion. On Baker’s next drive they fumbled the ball and Madison scooped it up to score, 45-18 with two minutes left in the game. In those two minutes, Baker was able to make the game seem closer than it was scored to finish the game at 45-24.