May 31, 2020

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Metairie Park Country Day v De La Salle

Today the Country Day Cajuns took on De La Salle in the heat of the day on the home field. Both sides of the field were packed with fans who couldn’t wait to cheer their team on.


De La Salle started the game with a 40-yard gain by Jharon Gilmore (#15). The Cavaliers made their way down the field and on the sixth play of the game PJ Martin(#25) put the first points on the board for a touchdown. Gilmore continued to make short runs and gain yardage for De La Salle. They also had a huge 60-yard touchdown by Nixon Bernard (#17). Country Day then attempted to fake a punt which back fired as it was a fail. On  the other hand, they finished of the first half with a first down. De La Salle came back with an 60-yard touchdown by Richon Porter (#8). St. Hilaire (#2) on Country Day was also a strong player for his team throughout the game making a variety of plays. PJ  Martin found his way into the end zone another time and scored for the Cavaliers. Then LGF Bowl Game atendee, Tyler Williams, can in clutch for the Cajuns and have them their first touchdown. Tyler played defense and offense successfully this game and was without a doubt a go-to man on the field. Unfortunately, the field goal was no good but they were still  able to make it on the board. With 40 second left in the half De La Salle was finally stopped by Country Day’s defense. The score was 42-8, De La Salle, at the half. Unfortunately, Country Day fumbled on the next possession and Martin came in for another touchdown for the Cavaliers. Ashton Bates (#19) also came in at the end of the game with an electrifying hit against the Cajuns. Then we saw Tyler Williams score for the second time in the game for the Cajuns and the field goal was good this time around. With all of that the game finished at 49-13 and the Cavaliers took the win.