July 12, 2020

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Nailbiter in Zachary


It is Friday night high school football is being played and all is good in the world. At 7 P.M. the Scotlandville Hornets rode into town to face the Zachary Broncos. It has been a rainy few days and Southeast Louisiana, and the turf is wet. The crowd settled into the stands and the game kicked off, and what a game it was.

The first quarter started very defensive, neither team was able to do much on offense. Towards the end of the first quarter, Zachary was able to put together a good drive and was capped off by 12 yard run by quarterback Keilon Brown, 7-0. 

Scotlandville runs a versatile offense and throughout the game ran the ball and complemented it with the pass. After driving the ball to the tune of three first downs, they take a shot to tight end Covadis Knighten for a 50 yard gain taking them down to the one-yard line. The next play the Hornets punch the ball in, but the PAT got blocked 7-6.

Zachary’s ensuing drive seemed promising driving down to the eight-yard line, before turning the ball over on a 4th and two. 

Scotlandville with a strong drive of their own, running the ball down inside the 10, with help from a defensive pass interference, and two plays of over 20 yards. Just as Zachary turned the ball over on downs, Scotlandville did as well. Leaving Zachary with 4 minutes left in the half.

Receiver Chris Hilton took over the next drive, he had three receptions, two of which happened on third down, and the other was a 50-yard completion. Other than Hilton’s catches, Zachary rand the ball efficiently and got inside the 10-yard line. On third and goal from the five, the Broncos completed an out to Hilton to score with 20 seconds in the half. 13-6.

Coming into the second half both teams made defensive adjustments and the first three drives ended in punts or turnover on downs. Halfway into the third quarter, Zachary gets the ball on their own 35, and score in two plays, a 45-yard pass to Hilton and a 30-yard pass. Zachary 20-6 with just under five minutes in the third.

Not to be outdone, the Hornets get the ball and proceed to score in three plays. The scoring play being a 79 yard run from running back Marlon Gunn Jr., who had a great game. Scotlandville cuts the lead to 20-12 after the PAT gets blocked.

The defenses kept up the pressure and limited the offenses’ big-play threats and every yard was fought for. Zachary was able to the 20 and put the game out of reach with a field goal, but it falls short, keeping the game 20-12.

The Hornets defense stepped up later in the game and forced a three and out, including a sack by Jonathan Horton. Giving their offense the ball with 3 minutes left in the game. Zachary’s defense then showed their teeth and did not allow them to get a first down, and forced a turnover on downs. 

Zachary ran the ball three times, but Scotlandville had timeouts left to stop the clock, with enough time for one last drive. The Hornets could not complete a pass and the game ended with Zachary in the victory formation, 20-12.