June 1, 2020

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The Saints 10 win streak ends and no one saw it coming.The Saints loss to the Cowboys left everyone in a daze wondering what happened and they now know how Davy Crockett felt. The team just looked disjointed and the Cowboys defense was all over them. Many are blaming it on bad calls by the officials but the fact is the Saints took a beating from the beginning. Even Drew Brees seemed out of sorts and never got anything going. At one point he was trying to angrily unsnap his his chinstrap and missed that too……

In the end after some bad decisions by Sean Payton all the Cowboys had to do is take a knee and win it with a painful lead of just 3 points and with a final score of 10 to 13. Certainly not the high-scoring game everyone expected.

The Saints would have secured a playoff spot with a win but there is still plenty of season left. Definitely not time to panic.