July 12, 2020

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Rosepine Eagles Back At Work

Traveling across the state finding “Diamonds In The Rough” means that sometimes I get to go home. Rosepine, La is that place for me. There is noting like the taste of home at Hickory Hut Smokehouse or Catfish Hut. I like to tell people that the population of my hometown is 600 and that includes the Churchman’s 500 head of cattle. In reality though, Rosepine is full of hardworking people that are up before the dawn and don’t get in until after sunset.

Rosepine is not known for being a football powerhouse. In fact the first time the school ever made the playoffs was the year after I graduated from there in 2001. One of the things Coach Ducote has to deal with as a coach there is, believe it or not but it isn’t the drugs, it is the guys wanting to go to work early. They quite the team so they can start their careers. Afterall, only a few of the guys have ever gone and played college football from there. That dose not mean there are not good football players there. When I played at Rosepine, we had three of the largest linemen in the state of Louisiana at the time, Josh Hoffman, David Brister, and Clay Jeans. Those three guys would maul opposing teams.

Today the Rosepine Eagles have new faces. Coach Brad Ducote is now the head coach and has lead the Eagles to the playoffs for the past three seasons. This year he says they should be really strong. The Eagles are lead on the offence by JR QB Ethan Frey (already committed to LSU for Baseball). SO WR Isiah Stinson has exceptional speed and could play at the collegiate level. SO RB Grant Ducote rushed last seaon for 1,400 plus yards as a freshman. SO WR Bryant Merriwether has good hands, good speed, and could become a special player over the next three years. The JR TE Cole Donahue, I saw him play last year against Oberlin, I think he can be something special as well. On defense, there is SR CB Braden Nolen, SR DB Caden Stephens (leader on the defense), and SR MLB David Schlittenhard.

The Eagles look to bounce back from a 5-6 season from a year ago. I will be at two of their games this season, their Homecoming game and when they travel to North Louisiana and play Jonesbroro Hodge. The Eagles are poised to do big things this year.

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