May 30, 2020

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The New Orleans Saints continued their winning streak to nine games with an almost embarrassing  48-7 win over the reining Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles’ defense struggled to contain the Saints’  offense for the entire game. The Saints were able to score on all but two drives, except the knee that ended the game. The Saints are also well on the way to a record total scoring season.( That’s why Brees was not pulled)

 Brees was 22 for 30, passing for 363 yards and four touchdowns. Tre’Quan Smith had 157 and a touchdown on 10 receptions, while Mark Ingram had 103 rushing yards and contributed two touchdowns of his own. Alvin Kamara, Austin Carr and Michael Thomas were credited with the other three touchdowns in the game.
To me the Saints look better then they did during the Superbowl wining year, and I look for them to have roast Falcon for Thanksgiving dinner. (Yes I stole that one from a man on the street but too good to pass-up)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.