July 3, 2020

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With the easy win over the Panthers Sunday it was looking like the stars were aligning for the Saints. Best case scenarios were for the Packers and the 49rs both to loose. That would have given the Saints a buy and home field advantage, but it seams the Saints couldn’t get a break.

First up was the Packers/Lions game. The first half looked good as the Packers couldn’t seem to get anything working and Rogers wasn’t hitting his targets, but in the second half Rogers showed up and won over the Lions. This was bad for the Saints but put the Packers in the number 2 seed with a buy next week and home field advantage.

Next up was the 49rs and Seahawks. Both the Saints and Packers were watching this one very closely, and for a while my wife and I were allies, as a win by the Seahawks would have put the Packers in the 1 seed and the Saints in the 2 seed spots and both would get a buy, but this one didn’t look good from the very start as Seahawks looked disjointed and sloppy. There was however hope in the second half as the Seahawks got a rhythm going and in the last seconds it looked like they would pull it off. They were short and goal and would win the game with another Marshawn Lynch, who was playing his fist game after coming out of retirement, over the top play, but the players and coach were not paying attention and the play clock ran out backing them up 5 yards.

There was still time but the Seahawks then had an obvious pass interference in the end zone, but there was a no-call. Everyone waited for Coach Carroll to throw the challenge flag but he failed to do so and in my opinion lost the game for his team.

There is a silver lining however as the Saints still have home field advantage and will host the Vikings Sunday. The Vikings have looked worn out lately so should be a W for the Saints.

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