April 22, 2019

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Southeastern Goes Against the Incarnate Word Cardinals

Tonight the Southeastern Lions traveled to San Antonio, Texas to go against the Incarnate Cardinals. The Lions have had a very competitive season this year and have always came to every game ready to put up a great fight. Looking to win their third game of the season. Unfortunately they fell short this weekend as the final score was UIW 52  SLU 34.

At the beginning of the first quarter, the Lions were able to score points within the first 11:52 of the game. Wide receiver Juwan Petit-Frere rushed for 71 yards to the UIW0. That became a 1stdown, and a touchdown for the Lions on their first drive. With a completed kick attempt the Lions had a seven point advantage against their competition. As the game continued the Cardinals were able to score three points on their 7th play with 35 yards, their kicker Rhett Marshall kicked a field goal for his team from the 47 yard line. The Lions scored a total of 7 more points with quarterback Chason Virgil throwing a complete pass to Petit-Frere for 74 yards.

The first half of the game SLU scored a total of 21 points while the Cardinals scored 31. Starting off the second half of the game both teams played well despite the mistakes that took place. The Cardinals were able to stretch their lead tremendously. The Cardinals lead the game in first downs in the first three quarters of the game. The Lions had a total of 159 rushing yards and 318 passing and receiving yards. For the Lions both offense and defense played an aggressive game. Linebacker Season Clavelle had a total of 2 sacks, while Fred Brown and Zeke Walker both had 1. Junior Juwan Petit-Frere was the top performer of the game as he had a total of 195 yards and two TDs. His teammate Chason Virgil had a total of 315 yards passing. The Cardinals played well offensively as their freshman Ameer King led his team in rushing yards with 180.

Next weekend the Lions will be hosting the Houston Baptists Huskies. Not only with this be a great game, but this will also be a great homecoming celebration for the Lions. We need all fans to come enjoy the homecoming festivities and cheer on their team as they go for a victory.