June 26, 2019

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Southern Jaguars drop Jackson State Tigers in a 41-7 Win

The Southern University Jaguars opened this evening’s matchup between the Jackson State Jaguars with high energy. Blue and gold fireworks and streamers introduced the team as they rushed the field with purpose and mission to defeat their visiting rival. On a 29 yard run for 4 plays, sophomore Ladarius Skelton rushed for 15 yards to score a touchdown, giving the Jags an early lead. With 2:17 remaining in the first quarter, the Jags used 75 yards of 10 plays to score another touchdown in a final 27-yard pass to Trey Smith from Ladarius Skelton, making the score 14-0. A forced fumble by linebacker Calvin Lumpkins was recovered by the Jaguar defensive back Demerio Houston for a third touchdown. After working for 12 plays, the Jaguars defense held the JSU Tigers to a field goal that was too wide to go. The Jaguars completed the half in the lead 21-0.

Only 3 minutes into the second half, the Jackson State Tigers returned a punt for a 38-yard touchdown, putting them on the board. The Southern offense answered the competition with a 92-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Shontega Thomas to push the Jags to a 28-7 lead. Despite a fumble recovery by the Jaguar defense, the team was held to a field goal twice by Martell Fontenot. The Jaguars led 34-7. A poor decision in quarterback change for the Jackson State Tigers benefited the Southern Jaguars. Freshman linebacker Jordan Lewis strip-sacked the new QB to run 32 yards for a touchdown, putting the Jags at a fresh 41-7 lead with 1:22 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

Little action sparked from either team in the fourth quarter. The Southern Jaguars have outscored its last 3 opponents 59-0 in the first half. A final score of 41-7 to close out the conference matchup against the Jackson State Tigers from A.W. Mumford Stadium. The Southern Jaguars will have a bye week next week to prepare for their next home game against the Arkansas Pine-Bluff Golden Tigers.