October 1, 2020

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Southern Steals State Fair Showdown Victory

Today was the State Fair Showdown between your Southern University Jaguars and the Texas Southern Tigers. The iconic HBCUs were not only facing off on the football field but their was also a Battle of the Bands. The Tigers came into this games with no wins while the Jaguars were looking to acquire their fourth.

The Jaguars started off the game with a touchdown just minutes into the game as Washington was able to rush for 12-yards into the end zone. This was no shock as Southern’s offense was finding plenty off success with their offense with several pass and rush completions. Despite their lack of points on the scoreboard the Tigers actually out performed the Jaguars in rushing yards for the first quarter. It seemed as though they were able to finds some holes in Southern’s defense but ultimately the Jaguars defense prevailed as they kept their opponent from scoring. This was until the end of the first quarter when Franklin of the Tigers was able to rush for 39 yards, giving Texas Southern their first touchdown of the night. There was a lot of back and forth between the teams but the first half of the game saw not other scoring plays although Southern quarterback Ladarius Skelton did experience an interception by the Tigers. There was indeed a change of quarterback as McDaniel came in for the Jaguars and was able to keep the passing yards almost equal with those of the Tigers. Although Skelton was sure to show off is running game as he gained some yardage for the Jaguars. Texas Southern was able to force a fumble on Benn in which they recovered but the remainder of the half dwindled away.

The Jaguars started off the second half of the game with great offensive plays. McDaniel was able to utilize Benn, Register, and Washington with a mix of passes and rushing. Washington caught a 15-yard pass for another Jaguar touchdown and another good field goal. The Tigers defense failed to push to the end zone for their next possessions which Southern capitalized on. McDaniel has a great 31-yard pass to Register  increasing the lead from 7 10 4 points (21-7) and Fontenot did his job yet again. The Tigers struggled with finding the means to score and finished the third quarter with seven points on the board.  The fourth quarter was a different story as the Tigers started with Williams rushing for a 14-yard touchdown and Garcia with the good kick attempt. McDaniel was sacked on a future possession but there was a penalty as a face mask was called. Then Davis caught a 7-yard pass from McDaniel to make the score 28-14, Jaguars. Texas Southern was stuck by the Jaguar defense which created more opportunity fo their offense to further the lead. McDaniels was sacked again this is where the Tigers were able to gain some momentum. Texas quarterback Devin Williams completes passes Corley and Morbley who scored a touchdown making the score 28-21. Neither team scored beyond this point leaving the Jaguars the winner of this match up.