June 3, 2020

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Survival of the Fittest: St. Augustine vs Holy Cross

November 9th was not just any Friday, it was the Friday that marked the start of playoffs or survival of the fittest. At Joe Yenni stadium, Holy Cross Tigers hosted the St. Augustine Knights. Early in the 1st quarter is was scoreless for both sides. Early in the 2nd quarter the Knights Senior, Runningback, Justin Doyle(28) ran in his first of three touchdowns for the night. Senior, Quarterback, Tre Woodson(19) has an arm of canon, placing the ball exactly where it needed to be so the rest of the offense could execute the plays. This offense dominated the field each chance they got, and that was very often because their defense was impeccable. This Knight defense was your dream team defense. They forced 2 fumbles that resulted in touchdowns for their team and they had 2 sacks. They also had 2 interceptions that also allowed them to rally more points to put on the board. One of the interceptions was caught by Junior, Josh White(12) he snatched that pass with quickness securing the interception.

The Holy Cross Tigers came out ready to rumble. Their defense held the St.Augustine Knights scoreless the entire 1st quarter. As time went on, they continued to show up and out. Sophomore, Jalen Johnson(6) was a jack of all trades tonight, he played on offense and defense. His speed, stamina, and endurance kept his team and him in this battle to move on to the next round. Junior, Linebacker, Tyler Grubbs(52) was another key defender on this Tiger defense making the tackles and necessary stops.

Two great teams battled tirelessly, snap after snap to finish this game strong. Both executed plays effectively and efficiently. Despite the Holy Cross Tigers best efforts, the St. Augustine Knights came out with the victory to move onto the next round of playoffs.