June 3, 2020

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Tara and Broadmoor Slug it Out

Another Friday, another great high school football game. Today’s rivalry game between Broadmoor Buccaneers and the Tara Trojans looked like what every rivalry game should be. It was competitive, and both teams played hard. Both teams had plenty of support from the fans and the rain before the game did not bother anyone, fans were barbecuing and blasting music. Broadmoor fans even sported beat Tara shirts.

Tara started with the ball and began the game with three good runs. They then got delayed by a holding call that negated a 20-yard run. Two incomplete passes and a false start ended what started as a good drive. Broadmoor took over on their own 36-yard line and went three and out. The punt set up Tara with good field position at midfield, but on the first play, they took a shot deep, a delayed blitz by Broadmoor forced a bad pass and an interception. After the interception, things went down-hill for Broadmoor, they had an illegal substitution, a dropped pass and on third down, they lost yards. They had a good punt that they got a penalty and forced them to rekick, the snap went over the punters head and out of the endzone, safety 2-0 Tara. Tara had good field position off of the safety punt and started on their own 45, but went three and out, and turned the ball over on downs, giving Broadmoor good field position, and with the help of a personal foul on Tara, they drove down the field and scored a 28 yard touchdown with 40 seconds left in the quarter, 2-7 Broadmoor.
On Tara’s ensuing drive, it only took Tara two plays to score, and they were the same play! A quarterback run up the middle, Tara went for two and it got stuffed, 8-7 Tara. Broadmoor started their drive with a bubble screen that went for 30 yards, only to be negated by a holding call. On the repeated down, Broadmoor threw an interception. Tara took over at midfield and turned it over on downs. This was followed by a Broadmoor punt, which only went a few yards and set up Tara with the ball on the Broadmoor 35. Tara took three plays and assistance from a personal foul on Broadmoor to score, 14-7 Tara, halfway into the second quarter. Broadmoor started from their own 35 and took five minutes off the clock and ran 14 plays to score. On the drive, Tara got an interception that was negated by a roughing the passer and gave Broadmoor an automatic first down. When Broadmoor got inside the 10 they faced a third and goal. After a timeout, they ran a reverse pass to score, and take a 14-15 lead!

Coming out of the half, the coaches made adjustments and the third quarter was a defense all the way, not one point was scored and many of the drives ended in three and outs. Broadmoor controlled the field position battle. Most of the fourth quarter was the same.

With two minutes left in the game, Tara got set up with good field position for what seemed to be the first time since the beginning of the game. In this drive, Tara had a touchdown negated by a holding call and had the help of a facemask call. On second and 13 from the 18-yard line, Tara executed a beautiful pass to the corner of the endzone to go up 20-15 with 53 seconds in the game. A low kick confused the Broadmoor returners and they started the drive on their own 9. On the first play of the drive the Broadmoor quarterback and ran into each other and fell in their own endzone to surrender their second safety of the game, 15-22 Tara. On the kick, Broadmoor was able to recover the ball and had a chance to tie the game. After a few successful plays, they get the ball to midfield, but they took a sack on the next play to end the game, 22-15 Tara.

This game was hard fought by both teams and either team could have been victorious. Penalties on both teams made it hard for the offenses to score, overall there were about 30 penalties between the teams. These teams deserved to win, and it left neutral fans sad to see one of these teams lose.