May 30, 2020

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Tayte Langley, Louisiana’s Best Linebacker

One of the joys of my job is that I get to travel this great state and watch lots of football. This past spring, I was traveling the back roads of Louisiana and I happened to stop in at Iota High School to watch spring practice. I quickly noticed this young man filling the “A” gaps then bouncing out to the flat to make a tackle for a loss. So I walked up to his defensive coordinator, and asked who this young man was. He told me that he was a transfer and that his name was Tayte Langley. I continued to watch him and on every play he was wherever the ball would be. So I wrote a Diamond In The Rough article on this young man (

As the 2018 season progressed, I continued to keep an eye on Tayte and follow his games. Check out his film:

I know with a recruiting class like we have in 2018, to say that Tayte is the best is a big statement. Well lets clear this up. I do not take money from players to say things like this about them. We sell adverting for the monthly magazine. I believe that football is a pure sport and I keep it pure by not selling recruiting packages. So NO-ONE has ever paid me for recruiting. I have worked in college football and one of my jobs was to look for recruits. One area I learned is that when people are paid to post about players, that those companies give a “watered down” report to colleges. So here at Louisiana Gridiron Football, if we say someone is good, than they are really good.

Tayte has been a force for the Iota Bulldogs this season. He has compiled over 140 Total Tackles, 24 tackle for a loss, 5 sacks, 3 pass breaks, and 1 interception. While stats do not tell the whole story, because most teams that are up by 20+ points will sit their Seniors to give some of their underclassmen a few reps. This is true with Iota as well. In their current hunt for a state championship, they have yet to loose a game this season going 10-0 in the regular season. Tonight (Friday, Nov 30th, 7pm) the Iota Bulldogs host Sterlington.

I spoke to his Defensive Cordinator and he told me that Tayte is a leader on that team. His is a model student. He is quite, asks questions, and never late. As an athlete, Tayte dose whatever it takes for his team. Coach said that Tayte is one of those kids that you wish you had 30 of. He will play on the line in goal line situations, and play tight end on punt.

When you look into Tayte and all his accomplishments in 2018, you too will learn that he is the best Linebacker in Louisiana.


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