June 3, 2020

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The game is not over until it is over: Denham Springs vs Acadiana

Coming into this game the Denham Springs Yellow Jackets had something to prove. In the first round, they were considered the underdogs and they came out and upset there opponent. Tonight, the Yellow Jackets showed up and out against the Acadiana Rams. The Acadiana Rams matched this energy and then some. For 48 minutes it was a score for score game, there was no way you could predict the ending because the unthinkable kept happening. Everyone in the stadium was on edge every snap just as the players from both teams were.

The Denham Springs Yellow Jackets brought out all the stops tonight. At the very beginning of the game, the Yellow Jacket defense got a safety. From that very moment, it was clear that this game was going to be something serious. Senior, Wide Reciever, Kaleb Drummer (13) marched to the sound of his own drum tonight scoring 3 touchdowns for the Yellow Jackets. Senior, Runningback, Treveon Muse(5) was the force that drove the ball down the field time and time again to gaining 1st down after 1st downs so this offense could eventually score. When in doubt DJ Williams(7) it all the way out. Senior, Wide Reciever went in on the big risky plays and turned nothing into something. The reason that half of these plays were even possible Senior, Quarterback, Luke Lunsford(12) when he did not have options, he created one running the ball to gain yards, throwing the deep passes that lead to touchdowns. Lunsford even scored 2 touchdowns that contributed to the final score. Just as efficient and effective the offense was, so was the defense. The Yellow Jacket defense forced multiple 3 and outs, even shock up the Rams offense a few times causing a few false starts. They made the necessary stops throughout the game, which had the Acadiana Rams trailing the entire game until the end of the 4th quarter.

Although the Acadiana Rams had a slow and shaky start, this had no effect on their ending. Senior, Runningback, Larryll Greene(22) scored 3 touchdowns and a 2-point conversion. This speed demon, footwork, and stamina were unmatched every time he touched the ball. Junior, Quarterback, Keontae Williams(8) was another key asset for the Rams offense. He also had a 2-point conversion to keep the Rams in this game tonight. One pivotal moment for this Rams defense that changed the entire game was Senior, Cornerback, Latrell Charles(9). Midway through the 4th quarter Charles goes up and brings down a pass from Lunsford that was intended for the Yellow Jackets Reciever. This allowed the Rams offense back onto the field to tie up the game. Ultimately, the Rams went on to take the lead for the first time this entire game. This momentum shift was what the Rams needed, and it happened at the right time.

Both Denham Springs and Acadiana played this game with everything in them, and they left it all on the field. Unfortunately, only one team can move on to the next round and tonight that was the Acadiana Rams. After all, the playoffs are the survival of the fittest. Despite the score, both teams had a phenomenal game. The final at Denham Springs vs Acadiana was 37-38 Acadiana. Acadiana heads into the 3rd round of playoffs to face the Zachary Broncos, a matchup you do not want to miss.