April 22, 2019

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The New York Giants fall to the New Orleans Saints by a score of 33-18 in Week 4

The New Orleans Saints seem to be coming together. The offense put up points and closed out drives after an iffy first half, and the defense stopped the Giants when they needed to. There were even a couple of turnovers. The Saints have played two  back-to-back road games and won them both.

Drew Brees is breaking records but the real story is Tysom Hill. Admittedly earlier in the season I wrote the article “Over the hill already” placing him in a bad lite.  I thought after some dismal performances, he was through. Apparently Head Coach Sean Payton saw something I did not, and he was keeping it close to the vest. He has used Hill in about every position there is, and he appears to be a “Jack of all trades!” I will just say he is currently the Saints secret weapon. When he goes on the field I ,as well as the apposing teams defense, don’t know what he is about to do. Maybe he will pass the ball to himself and then kick a field goal?

I haven’t seen anyone like this come along in years, maybe never. He is a phenomena! Cant wait to see what he will do next……..

Geaux Saints!!!!!