July 23, 2019

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THE SEASON BEGINS!!!!! Ravens’ 17-16 win vs. the Bears in the Hall of Fame game

The season has begun with the first preseason game, the Bears VS the Ravens. Even though the game went into overtime the most interesting part for me was the induction of the class of 2018 into the hall of fame, most notably to me Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis was in my opinion one of the most energetic and motivated individuals that ever played the game. Not only was he a great player but to many of his teammates a great leader and motivator. He seems to be a genuine person and the honor is well deserved.

There were some highlights during the game including the the maiden voyage of the new helmet rule that disallows using the helmet as a “weapon”.  The first flag was thrown just five minutes into the preseason game. Until  things settle down it looks like flags will be flying whenever players lowers their head to make a tackle.

Lamar Jackson had  his first touchdown of the day after a Bears fumble, and finding fellow first-round rookie Hayden Hurst on an 8-yard pass. But only one drive later, Jackson threw his first interception. When Griffin stepped in, he looked  like the 2012 Offensive Rookie of the Year version when he led the Ravens on an eight-play, 77-yard drive that finished with a  touchdown pass to tight end Maxx Williams.

One very interesting play involved a full back touchdown when Chase Daniel found  Michael Burton across the middle of the field.

The Saints play their first preseason game against the Jaguars this Thursday. Lets see who the backup QB will be……….