February 24, 2020

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Week five of spring practices will end today for the Tigers with the annual student game festivities. The Tigers are looking forward to a relaxing break with some of their fellow students on the practice field at the indoor facility due to bad weather, before Saturday’s Spring Game. A game that is looked at as a dress rehearsal for the upcoming season for many players. For coaches, it is a controlled scripted practice, for fans it is Tiger football.

The off season addition of Coach Joe Brady has gotten the entire team buzzing with excitement. His style of up-tempo play and quick passing routes combined with his knack for being what several players have considered a “players coach” have gotten not just the offense, but the defense talking as well. “He’s great! We have team run every day, so it’s a competition between offense and defense, and during the stretch, Coach Brady will come over and talk smack to us. And Rashard (Lawrence) will be like why can’t you guys just get in the I-Formation and run the ball? And Coach Brady says why would I do that? I’m gonna get you guys tired, then run the ball.” Defensive lineman Breiden Fehoko said about a recent interaction with Brady at practice.

In regards to the new offense that the Tigers will be implementing this season, coaches and players have been tight lipped about it. But if it is anything like his former coaching experience, expect LSU to have a lot of four receiver sets, and also involve the tight end in the passing game. Something that they have used as an additional lineman in years past. A few things that players have been able to say about the new offense, “it’s a different offense,” “it’s fast,” “it’s up-tempo. “I love it! It’s like playing NCAA, back in the day!”

One key to this new offense will be the guys on the outside. The wide receivers for LSU are all big physical players. Dee Anderson and Stephen Sullivan are both mismatches in the passing game for smaller corners measuring 6’6 and 6’7 and are two of the tallest receivers in the country. “Terrace Marshall, Jamar Chase, and Justin Jefferson are all guys that can run after the catch.” Fehoko said about the receiving corp. “sometimes you play teams that have one or two fast guys, our offense is always rotating receivers, and a DB that just defended a 9 route is gassed and here comes a new receiver to do it again. So facing these guys has given us fits, but it’s made us better.”

Tiger fans will be able to see some of the new look offense this weekend when the annual spring game kicks off in Tigers Stadium on Saturday April 6th at 1pm CST. There will be pregame fan festivities starting at 11am in Championship Plaza.