August 7, 2020

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White Castle Keeps District Title From East Iberville (22-20)

Today the undefeated East Iberville Tigers faced the White Castle Bulldogs for the chance at the district title. The crowd of East Iberville was fully invested from start to finish as many stood at the fence, watching as closely as they could, instead sitting in the bleachers. You could hear yelling from the crowd, players, cheerleaders, and of course coaches as everyone was hungry for a win tonight.

The first half of the game was held at a score of six to six for a while but the Tigers managed to score again which made the crowd to go crazy. This produced a 6-point lead as Iberville was unable to obtain a good field goal on either one of their touchdowns. Offense was doing well for the Tigers and their defense was strong, quick, and relentless. The Bulldogs offense continued to fight but at this point in the game it was only able to result in short gains. This appeared to wake the offense up and with 5 minutes left in the half White Castle had a couple of great runs and passing plays. The Bulldogs were able to run through the middle of the Tigers’ defense into the end zone for their second touchdown of the night. They also went for a successful two-point conversion which was successful leaving the score 12-14, White Castle. This showed a little vulnerability in the Tigers defense and offense as they struggled to find their momentum. The defense came back with a couple of big stops by Justin Hollins (#56) and then Jatory Hardesty (#11) had great catch for a gain of about 25 yards which seems to liven everyone up again but the Bulldogs came back with a big sack and just seconds left on the clock. The Tigers threw for a pass that could have potentially been a touchdown to end the half and steal the lead back but White Castle’s defense was able to block the pass to end the half.

The first few minutes of the second half passed and then White Castle showed his ability to run the ball for a gain of 15-yards but Iberville was able to end this possession. Iberville came back with an excited run by Christopher Boudreaux (#4), who was able to escape the defense and ride the sideline, with 4 minutes left in the third quarter. The Tigers started the fourth quarter out with a bang as they not only scored another touchdown but attempted for a 2-point conversion. This successful conversion put them in the lead by 6 points leaving the Bulldogs trialing behind, 20-14. White Castle came back and scored another touchdown but it was called back due to a flag on the play. This did not discourage their offense’s determination as they attempted a pass that hit off a receiver’s hand but was caught by another player on the Bulldog’s offense. This play produced another touchdown and victorious 2-point conversion leaving the 20(E. Iberville) to 22(White Castle). There was another touchdown for White Castle that was called back which was huge for the Tigers and one of East Iberville’s defenders stopped a potential touchdown pass with 7 minutes left in the game. You could see the energy this brought the rest of his teammates and sure enough 4 minutes later the Tigers intercepted a pass. Ultimately, both teams had their ups and downs and fought until the clock ran out but the White Castle Bulldogs took the win tonight.

The result of this game kept the district title from the Tigers but it was clear to see why they had been undefeated prior to this match up. The Bulldogs were worthy competitors as their fight and perseverance could not be ignored. Be sure to continue to follow and support these two talented teams!